Freehand Circle

A documentation of freehand circles since 2003

A continuing series of freehand circles in spray paint and/or various materials on found surfaces. Circles are applied to both private and public spaces, both abandoned and in use.

The idea began in 2003 as a way to execute minimalis works on the street level that were both unique and consistent. They cover many obvious interpretations including draftsmanship, meditation and an interest in conceptual graffiti.

It’s no about perfection nor the circle itself, but the medium used in application and most importantly its placement on the surface. They are all intended to enhance and contribute to their location rather then to interfere with the environment. They are a curiosity and each unique in their own way.

A few other artists had applied the concept in their own right, and yes, there is a ‘freehand circle competition’, but this concept began here.