Mural Intervention| ‘The Color’ | Tokyo, Japan






Progress shot of a commissioned mural by Satoshi of Colors Int. & Yoshi of Wbc Jp for

‘The Color’ showroom & creative space opening 2013.   Photo: Yoshi Josef Toomuch 


Toranomon Prefecture

Tokyo City/ MORI BUILDINGS property developers


The Color mural

3 x 6 meters / 9 x 19 feet

Acrylic and spray paint on prepared alpolic aluminum & poly carbonate panels.



Commissioned by Satoshi Maruhashi of Colors Int. & Yoshi Yamaguchi of World Bicycle Customs to paint a mural for ‘The Color’, a showroom & creative space in the Toranomon prefecture that went public in early 2013. Both Yoshi and Satoshi are good friends of mine who both helped me with my t-shirt project Draftsmen over the past decade. Painted within a week just 7 days before Christmas.