Mural Intervention: No. 32 Unitard Gallery, Downtown LA


No. 32/ Downtown LA Unitard Gallery  [2006]

Spraypaint & housepaint. Unitard Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles. 


Frowhawk 2-Feathers introduced me to Sven @ at the opening of his gallery Unitard. There was this vacant parking lot on the east side of his gallery space. He gave me permission that night and it was on. This wall wa such a great opportunity to mash out some murals that downtown hasnt had ever, pure murals with no letters. that was my only criteria when i asked NUKE, 12ER, Dash Rock & ASYL’M to take the left side of the gallery wall. As far as i’m concerned theycrushed the wall andleft my piece in the dust. The Mural is now imortalized in.