Mural Intervention: Triangulations of an evolution on Melrose


Triangulations of an evolution on Melrose [Summer 2008]

House paint, acrylic & spray paint on primered cinderblock

Commissioned mural. Lasted 2 months

West Hollywood, Calif.



Large, better photo here

Mural details here & here


This wall is synonymous for having a new hand painted music based commercial advertisements every few months. I have personally been wanting to paint this wall for as long as I can remember, so this mural is an accomplished personal goal. Located at De La Berracuda on Melrose, east of Fairfax it is in fact part advertisement. Factory 311 commissioned me with a solid recommendation from Sonik Mercury to embellish the recently blank wall. The primary image is my own with an addition of type treatments to advertise the Photographer Lionel Deluy and the exhibition title, ‘Evolution’. A bit fitting for this particular style. PuedeOne helped me knock the whole thing out in about  8 hours + 4 hours of post detail work.