Group Show: SENSITIVE EYE @ David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech

September 11th, 2015




Following the success “Sensitive Eye” in February 2014, the David Bloch Gallery is pleased to announce its new exhibition entirely dedicated to Optical, Kinetic and Architectural Art.


The Op art, or optical art, is a term used to describe some artistic researches that have started in the 1960s, with the view of challenging the eye’s reliability through illusions or optical games.


Mostly abstract, the Op art works give the impression of movement, shine of light, vibration.They provide the viewer with a feeling of vertigo, between

pleasure and unstability.


These visuals stresses are at the core of some of the resident artists’ body of works, such as Sebastien Preschoux or Lx One. They also characterize the

creations of new talents to the gallery : Arthur Dorval and Swiz.

This Group Show will consist in artworks on canvas, on papers but also in installations made on an individual or multi-handed basis

Publication: KEEP DRAFTING Monograph with ZERO+ Publishing

August 19th, 2015


ZERO+ Publishing 



Published by Zero+ Publishing

Introduction by Rafael Schacter

160 pages, 11 1/4″ X 11 1/4″

120 Illustrations, English

100 color plates, 200 gsm SPCO matte art paper

Hardcover - Cloth with paper dust jacket

Release date: June 2015

Edition of 1,000

Designed by Pedersen Projects, Claremont, California

ISBN: 9781937222390


Keep Drafting traces the fascinating trajectory of Augustine Kofie’s work, from his early figurative pieces to his more recent forays into geometric forms and abstraction using collage and found images. Sketches, initial drawings and a grouping of paintings on clipboards give a strong sense of not only the working process of this incredible artist, but help document how he achieves such enduring finished paintings. KOFIE’s background growing up as a graffiti writer in Los Angeles in the 1990s has further informed his amazing outdoor murals, including a featured signature piece from Mexico City. Augustine has exhibited his work in Milan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Miami, Glasgow, London, Vancouver, Berlin, Basel, Melbourne and beyond.    -GINKO PRESS


Available at:







Group Exhibition: CUATRO IGUAL A UNO @ Celaya Bros. Gallery, Mexico D.F.

June 23rd, 2015



Augustine Kofie, Circulación Templo

165 x 170 cm / 64.9 x 66.9 in, 2014

Acrylic polymer and spray paint on heavy canvas.

Finished in semi gloss gel medium






I will have a number of works from my ‘YESTERDAYS ADVANCE‘ collection on dislay at the one year anniversary exhibition for Celaya Brothers gallery in Mexico CityAlso on display will be works by Christiaan Conradie, 3ttman, Franco Fasoli Jaz and more recently Sten Lex, in addition to promoting talented Mexican artists as Smithe, L3Sup3rD3mon, Sanez, Tellaeche and Fusca.


Celaya Brothers Gallery

Zacatecas 194, Roma Norte,

Mexico City D.F.

(between Tonalá and Monterrey).



La Neif breaks dwon the exhibition

Celaya Brothers Gallery FBOOK










Group Exhibition: L.A. MURALISTS: Artists In Their Studios ll @ Couturier Gallery

June 2nd, 2015



Incised Series No. 35, 2014

19 1/2 x 19 1/2  x  1 1/8 inches 

Acrylic, screen print, spray paint and incising on masonite panel.

Finished in matte satin varnish.

Framed in found yardstick & mahogany lattice.



Couturier Gallery presents- L.A. Muralists: In Their Studios II


June 6 – July 18, 2015






Artists’ Opening Reception, Saturday, June 6, 6–8pm

10% of all proceeds will go to benefit the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles





Murals are a familiar part of the Los Angeles landscape, however, the public may be less familiar with the more intimate studio work of these highly visible artists.  Such pieces, although prized by institutions and private collectors, often go unseen by the general public.  In 1990, Couturier Gallery examined the studio work of five pioneering mural artists. Now, 25 years later, the gallery revisits those artists alongside a new generation of painters with L.A. Muralist: In Their Studios II.  They include: Christina Angelina, David Botello, Pablo Cristi, Wayne Healy, Judithe Hernández, Alex “Defer” Kizu, Augustine Kofie, Lydiaemily, Kent Twitchell, John Valadez and Richard Wyatt.  L.A. Muralists: In Their Studios II will run from June 6 – July 18, 2015.  The artists’ opening reception will be held, Saturday, June 6, 6-8pm.  Note that 10% of all proceeds will go to benefit the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA).


The importance of murals in society is not only for their artistic beauty, but also the sociopolitical commentary they provide.  Diego Rivera and others spearheaded the Mexican mural movement of the 1930s, the political and aesthetic impact of which can still be appreciated today.  In the latter part of the 20th century, Los Angeles saw a renaissance in mural projects with commissions along roadways, in public lobbies and large-scale brand advertising on the exterior of commercial and residential spaces.  Such public murals, both old and new, act as a visual marker for neighborhoods by reflecting its inhabitants and providing a sense of community and identity through the shared ownership of these iconic works.


The difference between these public works for which these artists are known, and the work done in their studios, is the more personal viewpoint in the latter.  By their very nature public murals, more often than not, include a consensus of thought beyond the control of the artist.  By venturing into their studios we get a private glimpse behind the facade of these public artists and see the personal imagery and subject matter that resonates within and helps define them as the fine artists they are.





Press Release

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

For further information or images please contact




May 30th, 2015



Details of:

Ambiguous reform No. 02 

48h x 48w  inches [ 122 x 122 x 4 cm ]

Acrylic polymer & spray paint on primed duck canvas.

Finished in satin gel medium.


Found Clipboard- Letter Size- Diamond/ reform

12.5 x 9 inches  [22 x 32 cm ]

Acrylic, spray paint and incising on pressed hardboard/ masonite. 

 Finished in satin gel medium.




[ I will have 4 works on display at this 4 man show in Saarbrücken, Germany. Ambiguous reform No. 01 as well as Ambiguous reform  No. 02 can be seen in full size at]




May 24, 2015


Galerie Zimmerling & JungfleischSaarbrücken, Germany 


Galerie ZIMMERLING & JUNGFLEISCH is pleased to present  AMBIGUITY, an impressive group exhibition that brings together four international urban contemporary artists who work within the scope of Abstract Art.

ZIMMERLING & JUNGFLEISCH has curated a lineup of leading graffiti artists, who are all members of the global arts collective Agents of Change (AOC) or part of the popular Graffuturism Movement. The gallery artists that will be featured in the show – Remi Rough, Augustine Kofie, LX.One, and Poesia – not only share their graffiti background but also their fascination for Abstraction.

The title AMBIGUITY was chosen by the artists themselves and appears as a perfect show title when it comes to describing all of their works collectively. Each artist‘s work is similar in a way that it references something familiar to get something innovative and new. The ambitious nature of the works are a different and unique artistic approach. Although, the four exhibiting artists concentrate on Abstract Art, they refer to distinct art forms such as Futurism, Suprematism, and Op-Art.

AMBIGUITY represents an alluding to something without saying it directly and without defining it exactly. It induces the viewer to think about of all those various forms of art.



Exhibition View



Group Exhibition: A Study Of Camouflage @ Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne

May 20th, 2015



Detail of:

Woodland Infrastructure, 2015

23 x 15 inches [35.5×56cm

Acrylic on 100% cotton, 300gms Arches paper.

Finished in archival satin varnish.


Arctic Infrastructure, 2015

23 x 30 inches [56×71cm] 

Acrylic on 100% cotton, 300gms Arches paper.

Finished in satin varnish. 



[It’s a pleasure to be invited to share works for shows with a solid theme and lineup. I will have 2 recent works on paper for this one. LARGE view of  Arctic Infrastructure & Woodland Infrastructure at]


Backwoods Gallery proudly presents A Study Of Camouflage - a new show within the A Study of… exhibition series. 


This is the fourth exhibition in row in the long-term project consisting of annual shows that focus on different study subjects. After more than successful exhibitions A Study of Hands, A Study of Eyes and A Study of Hair, the new show is focusing on a completely different subject – camouflage.


The exhibition will open on Friday, May 29th, and will be on view until Sunday, June 7th. It will take place at a warehouse space, just next door to Backwoods Gallery, at 5 Easey Street, Collingwood.




With this series of exhibitions, we are creating a vivid archive of works by renowned artists from around the world whose works intersect on the same subject-matter. No matter the artistic style or technique used, a magnificent plurality of different approaches and representations of a single subject contextualises it, and places it in a dominant understanding of both the artists’ and audience’s views. Logically, this library becomes a diverse overview of different representations of a single subject, as seen and created by leading contemporary artists.


A Study of Camouflage brings together some of the leading contemporary artists whose art, in some way, touches the subject of camouflage. In collaboration with DPM-Studio (Disruptive Pattern Material), our concept seeks to deconstruct the dominant perception of camouflage from its military driven narrative, and to bring back the camouflage patterns to its natural roots. Camouflage is usually linked with military uniforms and inherently with violence and rigorousness. However, camouflage patterns are much more than a simple military feature. Its different forms can be observed and understood as an artistic product, both in terms of aesthetics and conceptuality. Aesthetically, camouflage can assume different shapes and forms, creating beautiful design and art products, while conceptually, it may be detached from its military connotation, and transformed to different purposes depending on the given context. Always depending on artistic approach towards it, camouflage has enormous potentials for being a perfect medium for countless interpretations of contemporary society. The use of camouflage in art may lead to more abstract forms, while on the other hand it can serve as the perfect material for figurative and conceptual approaches as well.


Each artist participating at A Study of Camouflage uses the concept of camouflage in different ways. The artists featured in the show are: Aaron de la Cruz, Acorn, Alexander Mitchell, Ashley Wood, Augustine Kofie, Beastman, Clemens Behr, Hardy Blechman, James Greenaway, Jaybo Monk, Jon Fox, Jun Inoue, Kano Hollamby, K-narf, Madsaki, Mark Bode, Mark Drew, Masaho Anotani, MoneyLess, Nelio, O-Two, Petro, Raphael Sliks, Remi Rough, ROA, Senekt, SheOne, Shida, Shohei Takasaki, Shun Kawakami, Slicer, Stabs, Stephen Ives, TwoOne and Yusk Imai. 




Email for the exhibition catalogue.

FBook Event page 

Early teaser on instagram




Group Exhibition: AGGREGATE @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles

April 18th, 2015



Refacciones Circulate

26 h x 29 w x 1 3/4 in, 2014

Found paper, acrylic & ball point pen on cradled birch panel..

Finished in archival varnish and satin varnish. 

Framed in mahogany lattice & found vintage yardsticks.













Aggregate is an exhibition of the work of 17 artists, curated by Kirk Pedersen from the roster of visionaries published by his imprint, ZERO+ Publishing. Running the gamut from street art to pop surrealism to illustration to fine art—and sometimes blending genres in ways that defy categorization entirely—this group of artists could hardly be more eclectic. Yet they all share a passion for exploring other dimensions—uncharted territories that are both spatial and emotional, metaphorical and metaphysical. In addition to an original artwork by each artist, the gallery will display a number of unique artist-made deluxe box editions that have been created through the collaborative rapport that gradually evolved between these artists and their publisher.



From its inception, ZERO+ Publishing established a manifesto of sorts—it would publish limited editions of 1,000 that would never be reprinted, using the finest paper and printing methods available, and most importantly, design and edit each book in collaboration with the artist, recognizing that their insight is integral to creating a truly great book. In consequence, each book would be unique, taking its form according to the innate requirements of each artist’s body of work. For many ZERO+ titles, another level of artistry would be revealed with custom-made deluxe box editions, each of which would include original artwork. Ultimately, what makes ZERO+ unique in the publishing world is Kirk Pedersen’s sense of adventure and keen curatorial eye. The editions displayed in this exhibition share with their artist subjects a resonance and integrity that belie the perception of books as products—for in many ways, these books are themselves works of art.




Preview on Hi Fructose





April 16th, 2015





Gamma X99 Series - Augustine Kofie ‘Circulations’

Part One in a series of limited edition runs of 99 signature artist designed tee’s.


Despatched on 04/05/15


Pre-shrunk jersey. Seamless double needle stitched collar, tapped neck and shoulders. Double stiched sleeve and waist hem. Outer-turned body to eliminate centre crease.

Hand printed and constructed in London utilizing international parts.


Available only through Gama Proforma here.



Solo Exhibiton: OFF/GRID at David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco.

March 23rd, 2015




MasterMix Soundtrack for ‘OFF/GRID’ @David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech by 4×4tracktor on Mixcloud



Solo Exhibition |  “OFF/GRID”  | David Bloch Gallery   |  Marrakech, Morocco.

Recent works on canvas and wood created in both the US and during studio residency in the Kasbah, Marrakech + on sight installations and mural interventions.


Streaming and free download of a curated 4×4Tracktor soundtrack here.




The opening will be held in the presence of the artist at the gallery on March 27 at 7:00 pm.

The exhibition will continue until April 26, 2015.


The title of Augustine Kofie’s 2015 exhibition OFF/GRID refers to the tension that animates his work: the juxtaposition, and then synthesis, of opposing forces.  This tension operates at a number of levels. In the arena of style, the vintage and the futurist collide.  In the arena of formal composition, shapes and lines are built within a strict grid format but then break from this grid, playing off a tilt, shifting off of the established pattern, in an improvisational, freestyle experimentation.  In the arena of medium, a collage technique using industrial packaging and office supply materials from the 1950s to the 1980s is filtered—rendered contemporary—through painting.  There is the constructivism of the work, which Kofie approaches like a builder—an architect or engineer—a draftsman, not a painter, making preliminary, two-dimensional sketches of a structure, but one which will never be built.  This produces a paradoxical sense of time: the structure simultaneously exists in a future that will never take place, while referring back to a past that has been forgotten.  OFF/GRID refers to this sci-fi temporality, a push and pull between past and future, a tilt off of the grid of time.



OFF/GRID, which opens at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech in April 2015, pushes this ongoing exploration further, this time in dialogue with its context.  Kofie will be exploring oppositional synthesis by collaborating with craftsmen to produce work that merges established Moroccan artistic traditions with his own brand of American contemporary expression.  The title OFF/GRID therefore also refers to the way this body of work is made off the grid of Kofie’s usual cultural milieu.






Group Exhibition: Beyond Graffiti 2 @ A+D Museum, Los Angeles

March 23rd, 2015



Architects and Designers Museum Presents | BEYOND GRAFFITI 2 group exhibit | CURATED BY THE LOS ANGELES ART COLLECTIVE


Recent works by iconic Los Angeles Graffiti artists, defining the rich history of the urban art scene as it pushes past the preconception of the spray can as a form of aggression. Graffiti is more than just adding color or words to a wall – it is an expressive gesture vis à vis architecture, design, and the landscape of the city in which we live.

With installations and recent works by:  Eder, Aise, Axis, ATLAS, Defer, EyeOne, Fishe, Gajin Fujita, Swank, Kofie & Chaz 


A+D Museum 

Saturday, March 28 @ 8:30 PM

6032 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA. 90036



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