Solo Exhibiton: OFF/GRID at David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco.

February 20th, 2015



Solo Exhibition |  “OFF/GRID”  | David Bloch Gallery   |  Marrakech, Morocco.


Streaming and free download of a curated 4×4Tracktor soundtrack here.



The opening will be held in the presence of the artist at the gallery on March 27 at 7:00 pm.

The exhibition will continue until April 26, 2015.


OFF/GRID refers to the tension that animates his work: the juxtaposition, and then synthesis, of opposing forces. This tension operates at a number of levels. In the arena of style, the vintage and the futurist collide. In the arena of formal composition, shapes and lines are built within a strict grid format but then break from this grid, playing off a tilt, shifting off of the established pattern, in an improvisational, freestyle experimentation.


In the arena of medium, a collage technique using industrial packaging and office supply materials from the 1950s to the 1980s is filtered— rendered contemporary—through painting. There is the constructivism of the work, which Kofie approaches like a builder—an architect or engineer—a draftsman, not a painter, making preliminary, two-dimensional sketches of a structure, but one which will never be built. This produces a paradoxical sense of time: the structure simultaneously exists in a future that will never take place, while referring back to a past that has been forgotten.

OFF/GRID refers to this sci-fi temporality, a push and pull between past and future, a tilt off of the grid of time.


OFF/GRID pushes this ongoing exploration further, this time in dialogue with its context. Kofie will be exploring oppositional synthesis by collaborating with craftsmen to produce work that merges established Moroccan artistic traditions with his own brand of American contemporary expression. The title OFF/GRID therefore also refers to the way this body of work is made off the grid of Kofie’s usual cultural milieu.


Group Exhibition: Mapping The City @ Somerset House, London

January 18th, 2015



Overcast Angeles, 2014

18 x 24 x 1 5/8 inches

Found paper, ball point pen, correction fluid,

spray paint & acrylic on cradled birch panel.

Finished in archival varnish and matte varnish.  

Framed in mahogany lattice & found yardsticks.





Mapping the City

22 January – 15 February 2015
Daily 10.00-18.00 (last entry 17.30)
Enter via the River Terrace

Free admission

Somerset House London, in association with collaborative arts organisation Approved by Pablo (AbyP) will present an innovative exhibition of works by established and emerging artists from the Street art & Graffiti scenes. To complement the exhibition there will be a diverse series of events, including a series of film and music evenings, artists talks, performances and interactive workshops.


For a complete breakdwon of the exhibition and events visit:



View the work larger at

Brooklyn Street Arts review of the exhibition

Approved By Pablo Fbook page

Studio and exhibition work archive at

December 30th, 2014

kd-ak-page.jpg will be the new home of all of my studio and exhibition works as of Summer 2014.

A comprehensive view of my collage, paintings and exhibition exploits, past and present.


Keepdrafting has been the home of all of my creative exploits since 2001 an will remain so, but shall maintain a focus on public works and up to date projects. 

Publication: Feature in Contrast Magazine Issue 13: Chasing the Dream

December 19th, 2014



I have a nice spread of recent works in this 13th physical issue of CONTRAST Magazine based out of Hawaii. Titled “Chasing the Dream”, it’s 124 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper printed on the island. 


This issue features POW! WOW!, Will Barras, Augustine Kofie, Ron English, Yusuke Hanai, Kinfolk, In4mation, Salvage Public, Acacia, Farmers Market Hawaii, Vertra, Honolulu Beerworks, Paiko, Barrio Vintage, Island Fin Design, Innovative Leisure, Cut Copy, Daedelus, PAGE & Debin.


Available here



Mural Intervention: Geometries of Menilmontant: In 3 parts. Paris, France

December 16th, 2014






Geometries of Menilmontant: In 3 parts

Curated by Elise of Art Azoï in collaboration with OpenSpace Gallery, Paris.

Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, Paris. November, 2014


131′ / 40 meters in length

Acrylic medium and spray paint on primed plaster.

121 Rue de Menilmontant, 75020 Paris France


With generous assistance by Michel of Art Azoi & Simon of Opanspace

Created during my Taking Shape exhibition with Openspace Gallery


Detail of Part 1 here 

+ View complete panoramic here courtesy of VitoStreet

+ View complete panoramic here courtesy of Bin D’Amour

+ View progress and details here courtesy of Bin D’Amour




Group Show: Into The Mystic Benefit show for Sandra Maya

December 13th, 2014



Found Clipboard- Quill/ Dismantle System

12.5 x 9 inches [2014]

Acrylic and incising on pressed hardboard/ masonite.

Finished in satin gel medium. Signed. 


Found Clipboard- Quill/ Gold Line

12.5 x 9 inches [2014]

Acrylic and incising on pressed hardboard/ masonite.

Finished in satin gel medium. Signed.



[ I will have three letter size clipboards on display at this great benefit show for my friends mother Sandra Maya Campbell. These are the only clipboards available out of the US till late next year. Contact the gallery for all inquiries on availability and pricing. ] 




Into the Mystic:

Memorial Art Show for Sandra “Maya” Campbell

On Dec. 13, Pomona, CA’s DA Center for the Arts will see the culmination of over two dozen artists in a display of genuine admiration and support.“Into the Mystic” is a group exhibition in celebration of the life and creative efforts of Sandra “Maya” Campbell, a fiercely passionate photojournalist, mother and wife. Curated by her son, Ian Campbell, each artist has been pulled from Ian’s creative network to not only share their work, but represent themselves as an extension of the collective community produced through creative culture.

What began as a way to celebrate Sandra’s legacy after her battle with metastatic breast cancer ended this September, has become an effort in the act of communal care. Each purchase from this show will go towards lightening the monetary burden left behind by Sandra’s nearly five year battle with breast cancer, showcasing the unmatched ability for the creative community to create ties, strive collectively and extend consolation and strength.

Sandra’s emphasis on imaginative and ingenuitive ways to live vividly was enjoyed tenfold by her son, as well as his friends. Join them as they celebrate Sandra’s life and her lasting impression through a celebration of art.

When: Saturday, Dec. 13 during the Second Saturday Pomona Art Walk (3pm- 9pm) Where: DA Center for the Arts


Solo Show: TAKING SHAPE @ Openspace, Paris documented by Un oeil qui traine…

December 1st, 2014


An excellent set of TAKING SHAPE opening night photos from Lionel Belluteau of Un oeil qui traine are available here.

Solo Show: TAKING SHAPE @ Openspace, Paris documented by François-Xavier LAURENT

November 30th, 2014


An excellent set of TAKING SHAPE opening night photos from François-Xavier LAURENT are available to view here.

View the exhibition installations here. 

Solo Show: TAKING SHAPE @ Openspace, Paris

November 27th, 2014





Listen to the Mastermix Soundtrack here 


Complete installation view on Augustin Kofie.Info 







27 November - 13 December, 2014


Public opening: Thursday 27 November at 6:30pm

November 27-30 at Bastille Design Center, Paris

December 2-13  at Galerie Openspace, Paris




Immersive, impressive, and scenographic at Bastille Design Center, Paris


 After the success of his first Paris solo show, “California Soul”, in April 2013,  Openspace Gallery is delighted to invite Augustine Kofie again to exhibit in the French capitale. The Los Angeles-based artist is one of the leaders of the Graffuturism movement. Practising graffiti in the 90s, exhibiting his studio work in the early 2000s, 2009 marked a turning point in his career, laying the foundations for his current work.
His artworks full of lines and structured shapes are composed with a mastery of scale and movement. A vintage feel also pervades his work; from the 60s magazine illustrations he uses for his collages to the salvaged materials he uses as media, through his choice of colours.



Thursday 27 November at 5pm

Thursday 27 November at 6:30pm
You can follow up the preparation of the show if you subscribe to the Facebook event above



The event
TAKING SHAPE is in 2 parts:

Friday 28 November and Saturday 29 November
open 11 am- 7 pm
and Sunday 30 November open 11 am- 5 pm
Bastille Design Center
74, bd Richard Lenoir

2 - 13 December
Tuesday to Saturday
from 2 to 7 pm
Galerie Openspace
56, rue Alexandre Dumas




Following the off site exhibition by the French artist Éric Lacan, the Openspace gallery is curating Augustine Kofie’s second exhibition in France, from 27 November to 13 December. Once again, the exhibition will take place in the architecturally monumental, majestic 19th-century setting of the Bastille Design Center, where wood reigns supreme (even on the floor), 



Group Show: ‘The Soze Collection’ Colaboration with MODERNICA

October 24th, 2014



Never take a seat to taking shape, 2014

Acrylic polymer and enamel spray paint on fiberglass.

Finished in satin varnish. Signed on back.



Group Exhibition / Nov 1 - Nov 14, 2014


The Soze Collection



SOZE Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit of unique custom painted Modernica fiberglass shell chairs made on the original Herman Miller Equipment to benefit THE ART OF ELYSIUM.  Established artists including: RETNA, Erin Riley, Aaron De La Cruz, Ben Frost, Mel Kadel and many others will display custom painted chairs that are works of art in and of themselves.  A portion of the proceeds will go directly to THE ART OF ELYSIUM to support the incredible work they do.


RETNA, Cleon Peterson, Anthony Lister, Neckface, Augustine Kofie, Ben Frost, Gregory Siff, Aaron De La Cruz, Crash One, Seratla, Rolland Berry, Jaybo Monk, Marco Pho Grassi, Cole Sternberg, Mel Kadel, Ciler, Hueman, Brittany Segal, Erin Riley, Kristin Bauer, Emmitt Potter, Karen Bystedt/Mar, Paige Smith


Contact for all informations