Group Exhibition: Please Don’t Touch! @ Openspace, Paris


 Installation shot of  ‘Maroon Base1′ and  ‘Azul Unfold’ along with cement sculpture by DELTA.

Photo: Openspaceparis

Please Don’t Touch
Gallery Openspace
116, bd Richard Lenoir, Paris 11e

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Detail of ‘Maroon base1’ HERE 

To celebrate the return and the first last year in its new space Boulevard Richard Lenoir,
the Openspace Gallery decided to think big by offering a selection of important pieces from
his own collection together unpublished works of its artists.
Canvas large format as well as sculptures up the exhibition “Please Do not Touch”. Starting
from the simple fact that the plethora of works and artists proposed by the galleries and auction
houses makes today any act very difficult decision, this event was truly thinking
for and with our collectors.

The team of artists of the gallery is in the spotlight in this event with works – across space – Augustine Kofie,
Robert Proch, Nychos, Addam Yekutieli (Know Hope), Rafael Gerlach (Satone), Doze Green, Lacan Eric Bruno Leyval,
Stéphane Moscato, Taku Obata, Emanuele Vittorioso, nawer and Jana & Js. They will be presented throughout the exhibition
through an evolutionary collision. Some innovations are being unveiled, with among others the return to France
the protégé of Gêmeos Os, Brazilian artist Nunca, works spectacularly futuristic Belgian Frédéric Platéus and a presentation of
works by C215 for his first exhibition with the gallery in 2017 Openspace.

“Please Do not Touch” is also an opportunity to discover a selection of masterpieces from the collection of the gallery,
artists such as Roa, Crash, or Mark Jenkins Smash 137 as well as some very fine editions of Cleon Peterson, Boris Tellegen,
Bom.K and Parra.