Group Show: SENSITIVE EYE @ David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech




Following the success “Sensitive Eye” in February 2014, the David Bloch Gallery is pleased to announce its new exhibition entirely dedicated to Optical, Kinetic and Architectural Art.


The Op art, or optical art, is a term used to describe some artistic researches that have started in the 1960s, with the view of challenging the eye’s reliability through illusions or optical games.


Mostly abstract, the Op art works give the impression of movement, shine of light, vibration.They provide the viewer with a feeling of vertigo, between

pleasure and unstability.


These visuals stresses are at the core of some of the resident artists’ body of works, such as Sebastien Preschoux or Lx One. They also characterize the

creations of new talents to the gallery : Arthur Dorval and Swiz.

This Group Show will consist in artworks on canvas, on papers but also in installations made on an individual or multi-handed basis