Art Fair: The Board Dripper Festival 3; Querétaro, Mexico




Mural progress with Smithe & DhearOne, 2 amazing artists from Mexico D.F In Querétaro at the UAQ.

Board Dripper 3// Collage 2012

Querétaro, México

September 3 – 8, 2012



The THE BOARD DRIPPER© festival cares to encourage the youth in using recycling to reinterpet the spaces it provides them. Thanks to the support of government and private institutions, the festival has succeeded in positionning itself within the younger crowd of the population. The specific objectives of this event are to encourage a culture of recycling, cultural exchanges and the search for self-expression in the communal spaces.


Partisipating Artists:

Onesto /Brazil 

Tyza /D.F. Mexico

Exops, Nickel’One, Payo, Olito, Mathieu Labrecque, Sarah L’Herault & CY  /Quebec, Canada 

Caracrimen /D.F. Mexico 

Dhear One, Fusca & Smithe /D.F. Mexico

Terror Queretaro, Mexico


Full Program HERE 




[ I will be in attendance for this great project givint a talk to students at the Universty about my artworks with emphasis on my mix media collage. There are laso exhibitions planned as well as plans to paint at the University during my stay. Updates to follow]






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