Mural intervention: South London, UK: Mural with Remi Rough




In July I finally made it out to the UK for the first time. My primary reason for the trip was to contribute works as well as a mural for the much spoken of Rudimentary Perfection Group show in Glasgow Scotland. What a success. A true pleasure to meet and communicate in person with a great handful of creatives.


Remi Rough and I had been going back and fourth before my trip with a comp generated mock-up for our planned wall. He had locked down a lovely banger just off the main thoroughfare in South London, East Dulwich to be exact. A great location and a positive response from the locals who were new to not only having a mural, but one in such a fashion.


What a pleasure it was to bang on a wall with Rem like. This one is definitely a highlight in my career.



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