Pow! WOW! Hawaii: Mural in Kaka’Ako, Honolulu.

Saturday, February 15th, 2014




Mana Circulates

Gestural aditions by DEFER

Spray paint and latex on primed cinderblock

Kaka’Ako district of Honolulu, Hawaii

For POW! WOW! 2014 

View FULL SIZE here


Was an honor to been selected to participate in the 2014 lineup for POW! WOW! HAWAII.


“Augustine Kofie began his career as a graffiti writer over two decades ago, but his desire to master the art of the spray can lead him to develop the abstract style and vintage-inspired color palette for which he is known. Kofie is currently working on a mural for the ongoing street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii in Honolulu. Hi-Fructose got a chance to go up on the lift with him to chat while he painted. Kofie showed us his initial sketch (something he rarely reveals), which he renders in a combination of traditional and digital media.

“About 10 or 12 years ago, I knew I was going to go in this direction. I kind of let the style take it there, I didn’t force it. But I was paying attention to what I was doing and what I needed to do to let it grow and mature,” said Kofie when asked about the evolution of his style. “I’m a pensive guy as it is, so of course I’m over-thinking everything. So add that to working with the structural aesthetic [of graffiti], and it sort of goes hand in hand… This is what I draw naturally, this is what I gravitate towards.”

He explained that when he arrives on site to paint, he rarely looks back at his first sketch, allowing for room for happy accidents that ultimately become part of his geometric composition. Among the architectural lines are spontaneous elements, like dripping paint, that give Kofie’s work a sense of motion.”

-Nastia Voynovskaya for Hi-Fructose




Nastia of Hi-Fructose coverage of the mural

Arrested Motion coverage of the mural


High Snobiety Coverage of the festival




7th & Mateo Upgrade | Los Angeles

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Rotary Connected 

Enamel spray paint & laytex on stucco.

7th & Mateo st. Downtown Los Angeles [East of Alameda St.]

January, 2014


My first piece of 2014. This is the second piece of mine on this same plot of wall on 7th and Mateo, first painted in April of 2011

Mural project with All City Canvas for Herman Miller Foundation and Impact HUB, Mexico City D.F.

Friday, December 20th, 2013





Augustine Kofie in Roma Colony, Mexico City for All City Canvas, Herman Miller Foundation and Impact HUB D.F.

In the middle of Colonia Roma (Roma neighborhood) in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City, where the modern converge with the old and where the historic intertwines with the contemporary creating an eclectic and lively atmosphere I will be creating a sight specific mural intervention from December 13th to the 21st. Near Alvaro Obregon Avenue, on Tonala Street, this urban aesthetic intervention will begiving the passersby a new perspective on their surroundings. 


+Progress photos via All City Canvas- Day 1

+Progress photos via All City Canvas- Day 2

+More on the project here

+The City Loves You

Gravillis Inc. creative space mural installation

Friday, December 6th, 2013


Client: Gravillis Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Creative space mural and installation

Architects: SmithGroupJJR



DeAnna and Kenny Gravillis invited me to paint their new 6,200 square feet creative office space off the Miracle Mile in the early Spring of 2013. Gravillis is a graphic design firm that I have had a relationship with since our first office mural in 2005. I was given full creative range with the inclusion of the text ‘MADE FOR DESIGNERS’ in the main production space.


+Interior Design Magazine

+Art Of Studio visit

+Gravillis on Twitter

+Gravillis blog 

Mural for the Los Angeles Offices of CBRE | Film by FORM Follows FUNCTION

Monday, November 25th, 2013




KOFIE @CBRE documented by FORM follows FUNCTION


In the Spring of 2013 I was approached by CBRE & Gensler to create a mural for their newly acquired 400 South Hope office space. Though they purchased the entire building, the top 2 floors of the 26 story high rise would be home to their main Los Angeles Headquarters. After many meetings and litigations the project began in the mid summer during mid construction of the space. 2 weeks and some 20 gallons of acrylic later the mural was completed. This would mark my largest privately contracted indoor mural and a milestone in my public display catalogue. Many thanks FORM Follows FUNCTION for the documentation, Lew Horne, Nary La, Gensler and my 2 assistants Michael ‘Puede’ Hernandez & Ixchel Lara [complete credits here].



Augustine Kofie: LA’s own brings his craft to CBRE by Amy Dittoe


Against the backdrop of CBRE’s new space is a mural that symbolizes the company’s transition to a new way of working. It’s complex and thought-provoking, challenging the traditional muted colors and right angles of yesterday’s office. It redefines the 25th floor as something beyond a collection of workstations and conferences rooms. It’s a place we go to be inspired.


The piece was created by Augustine Kofie, an LA-based artist with a history of defying convention. He’s dabbled in everything from t-shirt design to fine art, constantly experimenting and refusing to identify with just one artistic medium. “I’m a mixed kid who does mixed media,” he says. “I’m a fine artist with a foundation in graffiti arts. It’s the core of it. It’s why I do art. I didn’t study it; I learned it by trial and error, by sweat and tears.”


Deeply rooted in its LA identity, the piece is a system of colors and angles that communicates an aura of renewal and progress. It’s a reflection of both CBRE and downtown LA, two entities in the midst of profound reinvention.


Art and real estate services aren’t often mentioned in the same breath, but at 400 South Hope the two have combined to make something truly original. In seeking a complete overhaul to its traditional ways of working, CBRE found inspiration in Kofie’s work. And while he doesn’t always take on commercial projects, Kofie noticed something genuine in CBRE’s commitment to progress.


“I liked the way you guys approach me,” he said. “I like the energy. And this is serious; this is a new space. It’s for the employees. I like all those factors.” Kofie agreed to the two-week project and collaborated with senior management. The result is a timeless blend of earthy and bold tones, masculine angles tangled with feminine arcs. “I do paint subconsciously,” he said. “A few turns in one area changes the dynamic of the piece.”

It’s a complicated balance that is reminiscent of Kofie himself. Growing up in LA, he experimented with countless artistic media and tools. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t consider himself an artist.


Kofie’s partially credits his mother for his inclinations; a former art student at UCLA, she held on to her passion while she raised a man who would eventually become world-renowned for his work. “I took over this career that my mom was originally supposed to do,” he said. Rather than photographs, the majority of Kofie’s childhood likenesses are captured in a sketch. His mother would often draw him as he slept.


In contrast, Kofie’s father had more mechanical leanings combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. “My father was always independent,” Kofie said. “He never worked for anyone.” A talented artist who explores unorthodox media and exercises a keen sense of business, a combination of Scottish, Irish, German, African American and Choctaw Indian heritage, Kofie is a living narrative of the forces that combined to create him.


Now, CBRE has a piece of that shared journey. The downtown LA mural is most appreciated in context, a celebration of an idea and the visionaries who brought it to life. It’s a story of progress, diversity, balance and the will to break with convention.


And it’s a reminder that those who get to the future first are the ones that embrace change, rather than fighting the inevitable. That’s the story not only of CBRE, but of Los Angeles as well. “LA is constantly in redevelopment,” Kofie said. “It’s never going to settle. It’s always going to be reevaluating itself and repositioning itself.”




+ CBRE journey to a new way of thinking

+ LA DT News: Does a New Downtown Office Design Mean the Death of the Cubicle?

+ FORM Follows FUNCTION post 



BrooklynStreetArt Post | Circulations mural in the Tenderloin, SF

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Great coverage of my Tenderloin district mural in SF by BrooklynStreetArt. Photos by Brock Brake. 

Circulations mural in the Tenderloin, San Francisco

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013






Circulations in the Tenderloin (Working Title),

20′ x 35′,  September 2013

Acrylic polymer and enamel spray paint on primed brick and cinderblock, original signage.

Corner of Larkin and Post in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, CA.

Progress photos: Derek Chamberlain


The Patek-Ecklon type and the crown logo are the original buildings signage painted in the mid 40’s. I wanted to make sure I respected the original signage, even though the business is defunct, it’s still a landmark ghost sign for the area.


Many thanks to Poesia, Graffuturism, Derek Chamberlain, Brock & Justin at White Walls Gallery and Michael Covington for their helping hands in this piece.




View this LARGE




“We’re always happy to have new street art in the neighborhood and foresee that this piece will be counted as a SF favorite for residents near and far. The compositional building blocks of Structurally Sound (on view until October 5) are expanded to cover the full side of a building wall. Soft hues work to blend the darker forms into the faded Patek-Ecklon sign, making the overall effect one of cohesive beauty. Take advantage of San Francisco’s Indian Summer and come see this mural while the weather is sunny and bright.”

  -White Walls BLOG




TRBDSGN & Kofie | Paris 2013

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


Augustine Kofie & TRBDSGN 

Character to Left: Mr Hobz | Center: A.Kofie | Circle to right: Honda

May 2013

Rue Henri Noguères 19è

Paris, France

Photo © Lionel Belluteau 


View the full panoramic here

Detail of my piece by Lionel Belluteau HERE 

Sowat & Kofie | The Mausolée | Paris, France

Monday, May 27th, 2013




‘Under The Influence’

Sowat & Kofie

Spring 2013

The Mausolée

Photos: Nibor Reiluos


FULL Shot here


My visit to Paris for my California Soul Exhibition included a few special side projects with some select Parisian artists, among whom Sowat of Da Mental Vapors, a long time supporter of one of my prime LA crews UTI (Under The Influence). For the occasion I was given the guided tour and allowed to paint in the now infamous Mausolée, a supermarket left abandoned in a Parisian suburb. Here is a link of photographs taken by Nibor Reiluos documenting the entire intervention of us in an atypical environment.


More on Nibor Reiluos here

A beautiful time-lapse of the Mausolee project here

Mural with El Mac for Soze Gallery

Sunday, January 20th, 2013




Time To Shine | Soze Gallery mural

Hand holding pen by El Mac | Backgrounds and forms by Kofie


Located on 7th St. just east of Mateo, Downtown Los Angeles.

Enamel spray paint on corrugated metal roll up door.


Graffuturism coverage with Todd Mazer photos


[Many thanks to Toowee at Soze gallery for her patronage + Malakai Simmons, Todd Mazer and Estevan Oriol for their documantations]



The Color | Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012





Toranomon Prefecture

Tokyo City/ MORI BUILDINGS property developers


The Color mural

3 x 6 meters / 9 x 19 feet

Acrylic and spray paint on prepared alpolic aluminum & poly carbonate panels.



Commissioned by Satoshi Maruhashi of Colors Int. & Yoshi Yamaguchi of World Bicycle Customs to paint a mural for ‘The Color’, a showroom & creative space in the Toranomon prefecture that went public in early 2013. Both Yoshi and Satoshi are good friends of mine who both helped me with my t-shirt project Draftsmen over the past decade. Painted within a week just 7 days before Christmas.

The Color| Tokyo, Japan | Photos by Yoshi Josef Toomuch

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012



Tokyo, Japan 2012

Toranomon Prefecture

Progress shot of a commissioned mural by Satoshi of Colors Int. & Yoshi of Wbc Jp for ‘The Color’ showroom & creative space opening 2013.  

Photo: Yoshi Josef Toomuch 

Lovell Gallery mural | Cape Town, South Africa

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012




Lovell Gallery mural Fall 2012

Spray paint, laytex house paint on primed plaster. 

Woodstock district of Cape Town, South Africa


Painted the day before my 2 man show ‘Gather’ at the gallery during my 3 week stay in Cape Town. The exterior walls were already painted this dark, rich brown so I felt right to bringing in bright colors to liven up the alley off of the main road.



Many more lovely shots here at StreetArtNews 


‘Futurino’ mural for the Picturin Festival | Torino, Italy

Sunday, October 7th, 2012


Futurismo Mural progress [Day4]

The Institute Richelmy building

Between Corso and Via del Sarto Tassoni, via Medail 13.

Torino, Italy

Assisted by Vesod and Wens.



After spending a major week in London for the Futurism 2.0 show with GammaProforma I flew down to Torino, Italy to start a large mural for the Picturin Festival. Riccardo invited me down earlier in the year and I decided to schedule this project between London and my various projects in Cape Town.


The mural is currently being painted on an active construction sight, so hard hats and steel toe shoes are mandatory. The Richelmy building I’m painting is a completely new edition of surface and stucco attached to an old Catholic school that is in the process of being refurbished with the new additions. Were told that the space will be in open use, so the space could become living quarters or a school.


I submitted the sketch just a month before arrival, and truthfully I didn’t do my research on the environment, but that didn’t seem to matter. As I look upon the neighborhoods from the top of the scaffold , all I see are terra cotta tiles in creams and reds, ivory and grey buildings, construction cranes and new construction developments in an old, classic Italian City. My sketches color selection subconsciously reflect many of these color arrangements. The mural Is becoming an abstraction of the surroundings managed and balanced by line, order and form, hence the murals name, Futurino. It’s sort of perfect as my favorite artist from the Futurism movement was an Italian paper architect named Antonio Sant’Elia whos ‘New City’ illustrations still resinate and inspire today. 


On a sidenote/ strance coincidence, the building in named after a former Archbishop of Turin, Agostino Richelmy.


And many thanks go to Italian artists Vesod and the Torino OG, WENS of TOT Crew for their assistance on this wall project. True G’s and new friends for sure.



Detail photos and full coverage on Graffuturism

Press on Lobodilattice 

Contemporary Torino/ Piemont post



NAWER and KOFIE | Shoreditch, London

Monday, October 1st, 2012





Shoreditch area, London UK

Late September, 2012


Painted during the week of the FUTURISM 2.0 Exhibition at Blackall Studios. Nawer is based in Poland and this was the second show we have been in together and the first colab piece. I actually sort of stumbled upon him painting the wall and he invited me to join in on the angles. Using a limited set of paint we had a go on the piece which was initially painted by fellow TRANSCEND member 0.TWO, You can still make out a bit of his forms on the right.


Many thanks to Jim & Matilda of EOTL for the wall & support.



Unusualimage capture 01

Unusualimage capture 02

Board Dripper Festival | Queretaro, Mexico | Kuku Ruku Circulation

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Light Circulation style mural for the Kuku RuKu Hostel in Queretaro, Mexico.

Curated by the Board Dripper Festival during Board Dripper 3// Collage 2012.



Instagram post

The Board Dripper Blog

The Board Dripper FB

Board Dripper Festival | Queretaro, Mexico | Mural with Smithe & Dhear @ UAQ

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Mural with Smithe & Dhear on the campus of Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, UAQ MEXICO

Curated by the Board Dripper Festival during Board Dripper 3// Collage 2012



LARGE view on HERE

Detail via instagram

My page for The Board Dripper

The Board Dripper Blog

The Board Dripper FB

Massive Mural for the Amplify Campus | Venice, California | Photos: Todd Mazer

Saturday, September 1st, 2012





MURALIZED from Dominic Gill.


Amplify Offices and Campus

1600 Main St

Venice, CA 90291



From the week of August 22- 28 I painted my largest individual mural to date in Venice California. Amplify is a hands on tech Startup accelerator + multi facetted entrepreneurial campus that was intrigued by the work and wanted to make a presence in the Venice area.


The mixed commercial and professional building was built in 1988 and designed by local Venice architect Steven Ehrlich. The inspiration for the design of the building was taken from the roller coaster entitled “Race Through The Clouds” that previously occupied the sight. I did take this into consideration when coming up with mockups for the mural. My initial intention was to go a bit lighter in my color fields and avoiding blacks and reds. I wanted a West Coast, desert to the sea palette in a modernized abstraction that complimented, especially since residential lots begin just east of the space.


Venice is salt and peppered with modern homes and I really was excited to give a  modern/abstract mural to a city I have always been fond of.


Many thanks to Isabelle Alford-Lago, Joey Spanjers, my assistant Puede’Uno, the team at Amplify for the support and interest and Todd Mazer for the exclusive photos.



Coverage on Graffuturism 

Coverage on Arrested Motion

Coverage on Complex magazine

Coverage on Revok1

Coverage on FreshGood

“Old Earth” Mural | Tesuque Village | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012



“Old Earth” Mural with El Mac

Commissioned by The Tesuque Village Market

138 Tesuque Village Road

Santa Fe, NM 87506


Painted during




AUGUST 13-19, 2012




Keepdrafting TUMBLR post 

El Mac Progress photo


Santa Fe, New Mexico | Mural with Yatika Starr Fields

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012




Collaborative mural with native artist Yatika Starr Fields (Cherokee/Creek/Osage) during the Santa Fe Indian Market Week for The Hour Has Arrived project.

Organized by N8VPA.


Saint Michaels Drive

Rear of Annapurna’s World Vegitarian Cafe

Santa Fe, NM 87505




Yatika on FB


Westlake district mural with EVOL @ Static Medium | Photos: Todd Mazer

Friday, August 10th, 2012





Kofie & EVOL

Static Medium office

Westlake distric, Los Angeles

Photos: Todd Mazer 


I was asked by the team at Static Medium to handle one of walls at their new  Westlake district location in Los Angeles. I felt that this would be a great oportunity to paint with an artist I have known of for the past 10 years but never painted with. EVOL TSL FLY ID  came through like a champ and knocked out a the portrait in his unique style.


Photos: Todd Mazer


Known gallery post with Todd mazer photos

Static Medium Instagram

Action shot via Thinkspace

Eindhoven, Netherlands | Hidden Beauty Mural In Gestel

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012









June 18th - 22nd, 2012



Belin (ES), Smug (UK), Zedz (NL), Fecks (AUS), Chas (NL), Nash (NL) and I wil be working on a large mural at the Karel de Grootelaan in Eindhoven, the Netherlands just before the Step In The Arena event that week.


Curated by Chas/ LoveLetters crew.



Photo credits: FraJH Photos







Eindhoven, Netherlands | Step In The Arena Graffiti festival

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012




Step In The Arena 2012

I was invited by CHAS of Love Letters Crew to paint on one of the best walls at this years international Graffiti festival STEP IN THE ARENA in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands this past June, 2012



This year more than 250 local and international graffiti gladiators showed their skills in the weekend of 23 and 24 June in Eindhoven. Some names of the participating artists were:


Kofie (USA), Kems (USA), Belin (ES), MadC (D), Mr. Wany (I), Puppet (S), Soten (DK), Smug (UK), SobeKcis (SRB), ZoerCSX (F), Ogre (F), Mr.Dheo (P), Tiws (DK), New2 (AUS), Entes &Pesimo (Peru), Plaque (D), Semor (D), Casroc (B), Bue (B) Fuckone (B), JNC crew (B), Hertkore (B), Roofie (A), Musk (Lux), PQ (FR), Tempo (UK)

The Weird gang (D/A) - Nychos, Cone, Dxtr, Hr. Von Bias, Low Bros, Peachbeach.
LoveLetters (NL/D/F) - Ozer, Dater, Biser, Nash, Tumki, Puaks, Chas.

Dutch Artists
Nasty Sons, Dphaezer, Super A, Inca, Karski, Neas, Clone, Zenk, One, Druid, Moron, Nyse, Be Easy Crew, Coma, Kale, Awar, Seiro

Clowns From Hell (NL) - Mr.Mister, Ces53, Dr.Chess, Selone, Zedz.

KBTR, Lastplak, Nol, Lempke, Eau, Earworm, Narcoze, Popcorn, HMX, PZE, Edo Rath, 10:GU, Amik, 103, Schurk, the Imker, Reus,

Old Skool Eindhoven:
Skip -FAD, Yak-UFO, Yes-TMC, Dart-RSWC, Amore-TSC, CAZ-TIV, Tape-TSC,
Marcone-BWS, Real-SOL




Fullsize shot here courtesy of FraJH Photos

Action shot of me via Luke The Duke

Luke The Dukes photos from Step In The Arena

Their facebook for pictures of the Festival.


Megaro Hotel|Central London mural documented by AoC

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012







All above photos courtesy of Ian Cox 


Agents Of Change/ Megaro Project/ Karpo Restaurant/ Central London



Earlier last month saw the completetion of this impressive and eye catching project by the Agents Of Change for the Megaro Hotel and Karpo restaurant. What looks to be one of London’s largest street art / graffiti murals has been painted by the four members of Agents of Change – Remi/Rough, Steve More, LX.One and Augustine Kofie with assistance from David Shillinglaw. The project encompasses the two sides of a five storey Georgian building located directly opposite St. Pancras International Station in Kings Cross, London.


With the building wrapped in scaffolding, it took the artists two whole weeks to complete, using over 150 litres of emulsion and 160 litres of spray paint. On it’s unveiling, the buildings colourful new addition was very well received although it was met with some opposition from a member of the King’s Cross Conservation Area Advisory Committee who felt “what was an attractive building had now been knackered with a layer of permanent paint,like an unwanted tattoo”!


We personally feel it is a great addition to the city and especially the Kings Cross area. And what with London hosting the 2012 Olympics this summer it makes for a fantastic first impression on national and international visitor arriving into St. Pancras, highlighting London as a vibrant and creative city.


-Hooked Blog, May 2012 



Here is the London Evening Standard coverage of the mural

Graffuturism coverage of the mural as well as the Karpo collection

Arrsted Motions coverage of the mural with photos by Butterfly

Street Art News coverage of the mural

Urban Art Core coverage of the mural

12oz Prophet courtesy of Mare139

Complex Magazine coverage

UK’s Creative Review coverage





Dominic Dash2000 Memorial in Los Angeles with El Mac & Plek

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012



Dash2000 Memorial wall

El Mac, Kofie & Plek

Spraypaint and laytex on primed cinderblock

1st & Vermont, Los Angeles, California

Photo: Carlos Gonzelez 


Recently painted this memorial wall with El Mac (Portrait) and Plek WAI (Lettering)

for a long time friend and Under The Influence crew member Dominic “DASH 2000” Smith.


He was known for being one of the founding members of the legendary Los Angeles graffiti crew UTI back in the ’80s. He constantly experimented with different mediums, was constantly sketching and painted, pushing his creativity for the rest of his adult life.


The portrait was based on a photo taken by Eriberto Oriol, the loose smoke/cloud formations were painted by me, and Plek did the lettering. My cloud designs are a tribute to Dash’s deep respect and admiration for the Asian culture, which often influenced his own artworks.


This was painted on a wall in central LA that Dash painted regularly, off of 1st street and Vermont in Los Angels. Dash passed away in 2011 from cancer.




Here is El Mac’s photos of the Dash memorial

Here is Carlos Gonzelez first post for Arrested Motion

Here is Carlos Gonzalez final post fo Arrested Motion

Megaro Hotel|Central London: Ian Cox documentation

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012





The incomparable Ian Cox of Wallkandy took these amazing shots while I was in Central London for the massive commissioned mural by Agents Of Change for the Megaro Hotel & Karpo. 

These select shots were taken live and direct on the scaffolding and as you can see, the work is in the details. Here is his official post including more photos of LX One, Remi/Rough and Steve Moore.


Completed mural docimentation to follow.


Art Basel:MIAMI | Warholian

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


‘Graffuturiste’ or ‘Timeless’

Miami, Florida during Art Basel|Miami

Spray paint, Laytex paint & bitumen on cinderblock and plaster

Wynwood District

December 2011

 Photo: Mike Cuff/Warholian

Art Basel:MIAMI | MTN Colors mural installation

Monday, December 5th, 2011






‘Graffuturiste’ or ‘Timeless’

Miami, Florida during Art Basel|Miami

Spray paint, Laytex paint & bitumen on cinderblock and plaster

Wynwood District

December 2011


MTN colors @ The Kohn Compound

219 NW 24th St


Key notes to the mural:


01. The point here was to reproduce the energy and direction of some of my recent studio paintings in a large scale format.

02. The ‘teeter effect’ or ’tilt’ of the overall composition leads to an off-centering that gives the idea of movement.

03. The earth tone palette is not a new concept for me, but due to the bright and vibrant murals throughout the compound, it makes the subtleness of this piece shine in contrast.

04. Both assisted straight lines ( straight edge and/or masking tape) and traditional manuel lines are executed in order to keep balance. The larger circles were assisted with the help of a center point. The smaller arch and circles were completed manually.

05. The majority of the left side of the mural was completed before I finalized the right side.

06. The majority of the mural was painted in one day. The following 4 days consisted of clean up, fine tuning and adjustments.




Action shot found on Flickr

Progress photo published on Flickr

Progress photo on Tumblr

Destroy All Design progress shot

Juxtapox posts the MTN Colors Recap


Art Basel:MIAMI | GRAFFUTURISM ‘In Situ’ mural installation

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011




Graffuturism mural installation project at Art Basel Miami , 2011


The installation titled “In Situ” will took place in the Wynwood Art District at the Kohn Compound during Art Basel|Miami 2011


With mural installation by:

Eric Haze, Mare 139, West One, Poesia, Aaron De la Cruz,

Kema, Jurne, Sueme, Remi Rough, Greg Lamarche, Rae Martini,

LX One, Matt W. Moore, and Augustine Kofie.


“The title “In Situ” is a reference to the Mural installations that in the definition of the term will be made and created for the site specific to this event. Permanent Murals that will be placed in a unique and contrary to traditional compositions. As graffiti enters its place among the art world as legitimate art form, we have put together this lineup with the intention of showcasing some of our cultures important figures. With most, if not all the artists having an extensive background in traditional graffiti we have tried to bring many aspects of our current culture. From Legends Like Mare 139 & Eric Haze to emerging stars like Sueme and Jurne. We have picked a wide spectrum of talent. International additions like Remi Rough and She One will also contribute, reminding us of how far our culture has reached. We offer a different vision, modernist at times to street art and traditional graffiti. The great part of the Art Basel event that spreads into the streets of the Wynwood arts district, is that all angles are represented. We now add our version this year with In Situ. We hope you stop by and say hello. The graffiti Avante Garde as some have called it is here and we hope you enjoy what we will be bringing to the table this year.”

Special thanks to MTN Colors for being the paint sponsor for this event.”




The official GRAFFUTURISM post with a forward by HAZE

Hypebeast Reposts In Situ Installation

MWM documentation of In Situ

Mural in San Francisco via WallSpaces

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011





November 2011

Mural in San Francisco with WallSpaces


Wallspaces set MWM, Poesia, Geso and myself up with a lovely wall off on the corner of Larkin and Bush in the city of San Francisco. The wall happens to be on the side of a Wallgreens [An American chain of drug store], but the building is actually an apartment complex above with over 50 units.




Full size mural HERE

Matt W Moors documentation of the wall

GRAFFUTURISM documentation of the wall

With El Mac for the KROQ & RedBull Sound Space

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011










El Mac & Kofie Paint The Red Bull Sound Space At KROQ

El Mac and Kofie are geniuses. Not because they have anything to do with KROQ but because they take otherwise mundane surfaces and transform them into works of beauty.

Mac, as his friends call him, is tall, thin and completely unassuming. If you were standing next to him in a crowd you’d be clueless of the mountains of cred he’s amassed over his many years of creating public art. The son of a painter, Mac never thought he’d be painting monstrous murals on trains or dressing corporate art installations… It all happened without a plan. He loved painting and fortunately, he was good at it. It didn’t take long before he jettisoned his home turf of New Mexico to head for Los Angeles, the capital of West Coast graffiti.

Graffiti is just like any niche. You’re either in the know or you’re not. Both fans of painters, and painters themselves typically have an artist or two they follow closely. El Mac is no different. I should have taken notes when chatting over a couple tacos. I was have been able to tell you which artists he’s fond of. But I’m lame and not much of a reporter. What was clear though, is that he’s a fan of quite a few artists working today. More importantly, he’s acutely aware of artistic style. He credits all those that have blazed a trail for him to follow… the Graffiti legends. And, in my opinion, he’ll remembered along with a handful of greats.

Kofie’s from LA. He eats, sleeps and breaths the City of Angels. He knows every street, every corner, every blank wall in the City. Skilled in architectural design, he plans and executes each piece with amazing precision.

Today’s artists that rise to the top are smart and have a unique voice. When we see their work, we’re hearing their voice. Those that just see the dried color from an aerosol can are sadly missing the point. Kofie knows this and makes each piece grab your attention with hard lines and bold shapes that take your eyes on a journey… and he’s the tour guide.

Together, El Mac and Kofie are a strong team. Mac’s flowing curves and gentle touch combined with Kofie’s ultra hard edges and bold colors make an incredible collaboration.

Tucked behind KROQ is the entrance to the Red Bull Sound Space. Just a few weeks ago it was an ugly door only the maintenance crews used for hauling equipment in and out. With the help of Red Bull, we were able to secure El Mac and Kofie to transform the 53′ wall into an entry way fitting for one of the coolest sound stages in LA, The Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ. 

                  -KROQ for CBS Local Blog, November 15, 2011  

Oakland, CA: Poesia VS Kofie

Saturday, September 10th, 2011







Details of ‘KOF’ by Kofie

with Poesia 

 Transcend crew

Late Summer 2011

Oakland, California

Laytex, spray paint, bitumen and a bit of acrylic on cement.



With a month notice and a wall in mind, Poseia and I set off to Oakland to work a wall together, one on one for the first time. Nothing revolutionary, nothing fancy, just 2 grown-ass men tackle a wall and doing what we do.


I happened to be in town working on a project with Will of Collabo Arts, so it was natural to have Sibel document the session through the Cannon7D and a  special tilt shift lens for time lapse.

Scot La Rockwell  also came through documenting the ladder of the day catching Poesia and I finishing off our pieces. Serious faces in these ‘action’ captures of linebackers over-tinking and analyzing details and playing with color.




Graffuturism Post

My TUMBLR post



K Detail in Long Beach

Monday, August 8th, 2011





Kofie spellout & Detail shot

Under The Influence Crew Production

Summer 2011

Long Beach, California
Laytex, spray paint, bitumen on cement.



Still waiting on a full shot.

Theres a Peterbuilt truck that is not going anywhere.

If your wondering about the colors I was clearing out my spray paint supply and needed to clear out these plum colors.


Sketch posted on TUMBLR 

Triangulations of KO Mural in Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011



Triangulations of a KO

East Hollywood, California. 

Painted late July 2011

Latex enamel, spray-paint [new and expired] & bitumen


The purples and mauves used on this one are not my general color palette, this is a result of me clearing out a stockpile of colors of I don’t usually use that were taking up space in the studio.

This piece also marks my first burner in Los Angeles as a new edition on the TRANSCEND roster.



Detail on Flickr

Tumblr Post

South London, UK: Mural with Remi Rough

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011




In July I finally made it out to the UK for the first time. My primary reason for the trip was to contribute works as well as a mural for the much spoken of Rudimentary Perfection Group show in Glasgow Scotland. What a success. A true pleasure to meet and communicate in person with a great handful of creatives.


Remi Rough and I had been going back and fourth before my trip with a comp generated mock-up for our planned wall. He had locked down a lovely banger just off the main thoroughfare in South London, East Dulwich to be exact. A great location and a positive response from the locals who were new to not only having a mural, but one in such a fashion.


What a pleasure it was to bang on a wall with Rem like. This one is definitely a highlight in my career.



Remi’s Post on our collaboration

Graffuturism feature on our exploits

Here is what Strictly Kev documented 



Glasgow, UK: KO with Mark Lyken

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011



Enamel spray paint & emulsion on ceramic tiles [2011]

Glasgow, Scotland


Detail of Mark Lykens Mural

Enamel spray paint & emulsion on ceramic tiles [2011]

Glasgow, Scotland


Since all the artists were painting separately in the city it was difficult to make it out to each wall to see the progress since we were all caught up. On my next to last day in Glasgow I finally made it out to Lyken and Jago’s respective walls in the city. There was a bit of space on the far left so I gave it a go with a tecky negative style KO with the scraps on hand.


Here is a link to the mural locations

Here is Recoats Masterblaster of the whole event 

The wall on Lykens Flickr

Glasgow, UK: Recoat Gallery Mural

Friday, July 1st, 2011




Enamel, acrylic and bitumen on primed brick [2011]

Glasgow, UK


During the Rudimentary Perfection exhibition at Recoat Gallery each of the artists that made it out to the show painted walls throughout Glasgow thanks to the efforts of Amy and Ali of Recoat. My wall above as well as Jaybo Monks wall ended up being the closest to the gallery, literally along the side of the building.


Here is a link to the mural locations

Here is Recoats Masterblaster of the whole event 

‘Inspired’: El Mac & Kofie Mural No. 4 in Mid-City

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011



El Mac & Kofie

Painted early May 2011

Latex enamel, enamel spray-paint & bitumen.



Permanent mural for  33third Store/ Mid-City Arts

Mid-City, Los Angeles.



This is my 4th collaborative mural with El Mac and notably our second in the city of Los Angeles. Painted in conjunction with the Pasadena Museum of California Art’s ‘Street Cred’ Exhibition opening on May 15th. A number of other artists from this seminal exhibition will also be blessing the back of the shop in the coming days.



El Mac’s Post

KD Flickr Post

Koshin Documentation for Arrested Motion

Todd Mazers Documentation on Brooklyn Street Art 


The Circulations of 7th & Mateo

Friday, April 15th, 2011


Enamel spray paint, laytex & bitumen on stucco.

7th & Mateo st. Downtown Los Angeles [East of Alameda St.]

April 2011


A contribution to the LA Freewalls Project, a continuing mural project in the artist district in Downtown Los Angeles.



My FLICKR post

Shreddy Cruiser’s honorable mention




Moda Hotel Mural TWO | Vancouver, Canada

Friday, March 4th, 2011


Moda Hotel Mural TWO

Remi/Rough, Sueme, Joker & Kofie

Imported enamel Spray-paint & laytex on primed brick.


Executed from March 2-4, 2011

900 Seymour Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9



Remi/Roughe, Scott Sueme, Joker and I were commissioned by Moda Hotel/Vancouver to produce 2 large scale murals for the exterior walls of their hotel and this would be #2. This was the larger of the two walls and a bit of a challange due to the fire escape, so the mural was designed based on these obsticles. Sueme managed the lower half of the wall as Remi took over the left side so Joker and I could merge the right side. I cant express how seamless and easy it was to work with all three of these cats. They understood that the overall result is a cohesive wall where we all could shine. Egos down - styles up. The overlaps and inter weavings of each others works throughout the mural are those special points where partnership and conversations merge.


Many special thanks go out to the team at Montan Colors North America, Inc. for the paint sponsorship. The MTN94 and Alien paint supplies helped to keep the mural bright and cohesive and we can’t thank yall enough!


There were many photographers documenting the creation of both murals. here are some sets via Flickr to sort through and view the process.


S.Vegas Flickr Set

JDLaidlaw’s Flickr Set 

Mike BAM!’s Flickr Set 

Graffuturism Post

Juxtapoz Post


Moda Hotel Mural One | Vancouver, Canada

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011



Moda Hotel Mural ONE

Remi/Rough, Sueme, Joker & Kofie

Imported enamel Spray-paint & laytex on primed brick.


Executed from March 1-3, 2011

900 Seymour Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9



Remi Rough, Scott Sueme, Joker and I were commissioned by Moda Hotel in Vancouver to produce 2 large scale murals for their exterior walls. This also paralleled our Unintended Calculations Show at Becker Galleries that same week. Monumental in size we were able to tackle the walls in a 4 day period leading up to the opening using cherry-picker, one on each wall, then both on the second wall. The weather was primarily cold with random hits of rainfall that brought a few challenges tot he process but all in all a pleasure, especially with working with like-minded painters.

Many thanks to Indigo, for organizing this project as well as the curating the exhibition.


Many special thanks go out to the team at Montan Colors North America, Inc. for the paint sponsorship. The MTN94 and Alien paint supplies helped to keep the mural bright and cohesive and we can’t thank yall enough!



Above photo credit: Aaron Smedley

Graffuturism Post

Hello Vancity Post

Granville Online Post

Juxtapoz Post

Clout Post

JDLaidlaw’s Flickr Set 

S.Vegas Flickr Set


Art Basel:MIAMI • Design District Mural

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011


Art Basel, Miami

Primary Flight 2010


Colaboration mural with Chor Boogie

Downtown Miami Design District

NE 38th Street & Biscayne Blvd.


Montana Black commissioned by 33Third


Progress capture on my Flickr

Chor Boogie’s post

Destroy All Design’s Flicker set

Jeremiah Garcia’s Flicker set here

S.Vegas Flickr Documentation

Revok’s documentation


Melbourne, Australia: Northcote District Burner

Monday, April 26th, 2010



On an April 2010 trip to Melbourne I had the opportunity to paint a wall in the Northcote District of Victoria. It was a long, wide wall that could manage 5 burners and one character this time around. Special thanks to Dabs & Myla & the SDM Crew for the Invitation and good times.


Full Size Piece HERE

Detail Here + Here + Here + Here

Full Panoramic of the entire wall  Here



Manifest Equality Video: Viejas del Mercado

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

As many of you know the Manifest Equality Mural “JUSTICE” El Mac, Retna and myself painted was white washed over in the first week of April, 2010. My time lapse was the first official release of the process of the wall. Shig & Med of ‘Viejas del Mercado‘ & Mid City Arts just released their video of the wall, a homage and funeral doc of sorts. Deep and beautiful. They captured a certain tone in this one, as if they new the wall wasn’t going to last much longer….



The Private Sektor

Friday, April 9th, 2010


The Private Sektor

April 2010/ West LA

Full story on my Flicker



‘JUSTICE’ Mural with El Mac & Retna for Manifest Equality

Sunday, March 7th, 2010


Acrylic and enamel spray paint on primed brick, exterior

El Mac, Retna and myself were commissioned by Yosi Sergant to create a mural for the Manifest Equality event held in Hollywood, Calif from March 3-7 of 2010.


From February 26 to March 2 we painted day and night using imported spray paint and 3 scissor lifts to create the 20 x 100 foot semi-grayscale mural located in the parking lot of the former Pic-n-Save/Big Lots.


Retna’s type reads ‘JUSTICE’ from left to right. El Mac Painted the portrait of the woman, the sword as well as the scales, all created from his own photo reference. I painted the large circular frame caping each end as well as the halo’s behind each hand.


It was a pleasure working with both artists again and even more so together in a trifecta of sorts for Los Angeles.


Many thanks to Tom, the Sergants, Apple Via, FAIR & Mid-City Arts for the support.



LARGE landscape photo here


El Mac’s Post + 

The Streets Are Calling’s Documentation  


Civilian photos via Flickr:

Fisheye  + Detail 1 + Detail 2 + Sword Detail + Hand Detail +

Manual Arts High School Mural #002

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Manual Arts High School

Imported Spray paint & house paint on stucco plaster.

Commissioned by M. Ayala



My second contribution to the ever growing mural project/ beautification series at Manual Arts Senior High School in South Central Los Angeles. I went with the school color on this one in a Soft Block style with a bit of Triangulation thrown in.

I started at 4th period and finished an hour after school ended.


There was a scheduled paint out on a Saturday but I had to come in on friday to work on my piece. Ended up in the middle of school painting this weird burner. Majority of the kids were real curious and respectful, watching patiently during lunch period and those few minuets between classes. I was all up in the headphones so I wasnt as social this time around.


Midzt painted + Skypage painted + Asylm painted + The Humanzee painted + The Lovely Brook Reidt painted +


Here was my first piece inside the school

Detail of the piece on Flicker


Echo Park Triangulations

Friday, February 12th, 2010


‘Echo Park Triangulation’

Imported spray paint, acrylic and house paint on fiberglass & plaster.

Echo park Blvd. North of Sunset Blvd.

February 2010



ICU Art Gallery’1997 | Photo:Danniel Gellis

Monday, November 23rd, 2009




I.C.U. Gallery/ Work studio

La Brea/ Miracle Mile District.

Los Angeles, Calif

Summer 1997


Spray paint on vinyl mural for Justice? Just Us Concert at UCLA Wadsworth Theatre.

Commissioned by Robbie Connal.

Judge character: Axis


Photos by Daniel Gellis

Here is Medusa’s Live Performance at the event.


 [I had recently come across these photos that daniel took at the gallery back in the 90’s. I love the fact that all the paint was Krylon. I was about 23 at the time and working at Cost Plus World Market part time.]

6th Street Church mural

Friday, October 30th, 2009


6th Street Church, Downtown Los Angeles

5 cans of spray paint,

1/4 gallon of black house paint,

some white acrylic and all of my recycled grey water.


Burk Roberts, Creator of a portable projection screen called ‘The Engine’ invited me to molest a little wall at an old church in Downtown Los Angeles. This former church has hosted many a late night event as well as a number of commercials and reality TV shows. The retaining wall is actually the buildings side stairs as well as a handicap ramp, so the shape wasn’t exactly square as most walls I paint are. I worked the shape of the wall into the left side of the mural.

Sunset Blvd. Mural with Cache & Eyer

Friday, September 4th, 2009

kd-cachekofeyer.jpgPainted with Cache and Eye at the end of September on Sunset Blvd., west of Alvarado. Cache is infamous for painting the above chickens across the city. Eyer knocked out his iconic Zapatista characters. I handled all of the backgrounds with recycled house paint, spray-paint and brush.


Eyer BLOG post here. 

Full connection here

The Lee Brothers: Private mural

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009


Spray paint and house paint on primed metal.

Private mural for the home of Danny and Gene Lee in Los Angeles, Calif. Danny Lee is a film director responsible for the documentary Rock Fresh, a film I share quite some face time in. Both are old friends of mine and have been interested in me knocking out a mural inside the compound walls. Here I am on blast on Danny Lee’s BLOG


Manuel Arts High School Mural #001

Monday, August 17th, 2009



I was invited to Manuel Arts High School in South Central, Calif. to add to the Art departments ever growing wall installations. Mr. Ayala has been educating the youth there on street art culture and it’s ever changing and developing mannerisms. His program has been running for a for a short time, but has gotten in good standings with the administration to move forward in embellishing the 2 story building with works by prominent Los Angeles street artists. My mural was sight specific, one of 2 main entrance ways into the north east building. Mr. Ayala felt my structural style would fit nicely into the horizontal crevices of the wall in question. I used 3 styles of brushes and acrylic paints to execute this 4 hour jammy.  I may stop in again within the month to add some random colors.

Zoso’s Contributions 

2cent’s Contribution 

Ewsoe y Kofie Mural, Los Feliz

Monday, July 13th, 2009


Ewsoe on the house character, cracks & type. Myself on the background

Spray paint & house paint on plaster

Los Feliz, Calif.


Flicker photo here


Finally got the opportunity to paint with Ewsoe PDB once again. This was a wall he copped a wear ago right next to the Vista Theatre where Sunset, Santa Monica and Hillhurst collide. I worked on pretty much all of the backgrounds, which turned into a sort of Sci-fi blast of greens, whites and blues bolting form a circular point. Ewsoe has been building a series of these house characters with faces incorporating his own take on traditional cartoon character features, very unique and recognizable. It was a super fun wall to paint. Special thanks to Rudy’s Barber Shop for the use of their king size ladder & Hines Buchanan for the conversation.


Ewsoe’s Flickr 




Triangulations of an evolution on Melrose

Saturday, June 13th, 2009


Triangulations of an evolution on Melrose [Summer 2008]

House paint, acrylic & spray paint on primered cinderblock

Commissioned mural. Lasted 2 months

West Hollywood, Calif.



Large, better photo here

Mural details here & here


This wall is synonymous for having a new hand painted music based commercial advertisements every few months. I have personally been wanting to paint this wall for as long as I can remember, so this mural is an accomplished personal goal. Located at De La Berracuda on Melrose, east of Fairfax it is in fact part advertisement. Factory 311 commissioned me with a solid recommendation from Sonik Mercury to embellish the recently blank wall. The primary image is my own with an addition of type treatments to advertise the Photographer Lionel Deluy and the exhibition title, ‘Evolution’. A bit fitting for this particular style. PuedeOne helped me knock the whole thing out in about  8 hours + 4 hours of post detail work. 

Phoenix mural with El Mac

Saturday, February 7th, 2009




Spring 2009 | 1st colaborative mural with El Mac.

House paint and enamel spray paint on plaster, exterior.


The Mac and I had not gotten the opportunity to collaborate one on one, and this trip helped make that happen on his own home town. 


Built in the 50’s, it was once home to a lil flower shop, and the original signage is still holding up. The mural took about 3 days to complete and is definitely ranked in my top 5 of all colabs. The Macs piece is all spray paint as my contribution is both spray paint, acrylic and house paint applied with roller and brush.


Civilian Flicker:

El Mac’s photo + Ear Detail + In the act + Detail + Face detail +  

Axis/ Kofie Softblockade off Melrose… Revamped

Thursday, December 11th, 2008


Axis & I initially painted this wall in the summer of 08 for the DCMA Store. Recently I needed to give the old burner a little retooling here and there. Added some white shots and brought in both spray can as well as brush outlines. The old paint washouts really set this on a dusty path. The wall now looks the way I intended it to look.


Civilian Flicker:

Detail1 + Detail2 + Side + Holga Detail + Drive by + Trash +

Primary Flight | Art Basel Miami 2008

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008




Kof Spellout & UTI piece

Imported spray paint and acrylic on plaster

Miami, Florida



Progression Here & Here.  Caught again here

Full Piece Here

Detail Here


Spent a few days in Miami, Florida during the 2008 Art Basel thanks to the Scion Installation exhibition in town. The good folks at Primary Flight blessed me with a space on the ‘Wall Of Fame‘. With a reference of a sketch I did on the plane there, I knocked my piece out in a about 5 hours. I didn’t want to f-up another pair of good shoes, so I did this one barefoot for at least half the time.


This was about the time I was going public with my Triangulation series. There is no real direct inspiration of the pyramid in the work, but you cant avoid it when you crisscross 45 degree angles. For this piece tho, I was definitely thinking of Atlantis & Bimini. Shit, I was at the tip of Florida & I was raised on In Search Of, the Bermuda Triangle was in my brain.



No. 37/ Softblockade in Echo Park

Thursday, September 4th, 2008


Soft Block Style #37

Pepe’s Furniture Store: Alley off of Sunset Blvd.

House Paint, Acrylic & Spray Paint on cement.


This was a great wall and location with lots of nooks & crevices. While working on this one I realized i had to keep some of the original raw cement open and prevalent in  this piece. I felt like I was getting close to the effect of ‘Aged Organic Retro Future Shock’  style I was hoping for

.HERE is the complete Mural.

Downtown LA | The Plant Studio Mural

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008


The Plant Studio Mural for Hit & Run

Acrylic & House Paint on primered dry wall

Los Angeles, Ca. July 2008



Brandy Flower  invited me to molest a well sized wall in their first lrge scale studio appropriately located in Downtown LA.

Update: The H+R studio has moved next door and this wall was painted over.

The piece on Flickr here & Here

Installation: Engineering Cinémathèque, Hollywood, Calif.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008





kd-engine-flyer.jpgFriday July 18 - Hours: 7 pm - 12 midnight, $5 at door w/ RSVP to studio1636@gmail.com

Friday JULY 18th 2008, LOS ANGELES – Hollywood’s newest independent art gallery, STUDIO 1636, in alliance with L.A.’s leading guerilla film militia Bizzurke Army U.F.M is proud to present”Engineering Cinémathèque,” a multi-media movie theater designed by renowned graffiti artist Kofie’One/Draftsman, installation artist Sonik Mercury and internationally acclaimed renegade filmmaker Burke Roberts.

Engineering Cinémathèque” showcases Burke Roberts revolutionary project, THE ENGINE.Beginning Friday July 18th, for one month Studio 1636 will transform into a unique screening venue that examines the ways in which the presentation of space and environment dictate the cinema experience. ”Engineering Cinémathèque” marks the first extended showroom for THE ENGINE — a transportable, kinetic, sculpture/projection hybrid that redefines the art of presentation and introduces a new era of independent screening venues. Designed to be equal in form and function, the 1000 pound steel sculpture houses a rotating 17-foot screen and features a high-end, audio-visual system.For each subsequent weekend after the July 18 opening until the August 17th closing, the artists behind “Engineering Cinémathèque” will offer select filmmakers and programmers the opportunity to curate their own screening presentations on Fridays and Saturdays for the duration of the run. Screening presentations have already been booked by the Slamdance Film Festival, the creators of Showtime’s groundbreaking animated series “Queer Duck,” and the DVD release viewing of “The Legend of God’s Gun,” a psychedelic spaghetti western film from the band Spindrift, featuring songs from the forthcoming Quentin Tarantino production “Hellride.”Freeing filmmakers from the restrictions and politics of traditional corporate venues, THE ENGINE indulges a myriad of interesting and forward thinking motion picture presentations. From hard-hitting documentaries to avant-garde short narratives, street-wise skate videos to refined art exposes, up and coming animators to those at the top of their field with a soft spot for the unexpected, THE ENGINE welcomes a wide spectrum of motion picture possibilities.

For press inquiries, an opportunity to program an event in this revolutionary venue, or for more information, please contact:Erin Broadley at STUDIO 1636 at 866-808-9260 or email studio1636@gmail.com, ATTN: Engineering Cinémathèque.Please note a limit to available dates, as the space is booking quickly.

STUDIO 1636: 1636 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90028 one block south of Hollywood Blvd.

Temple y Commonwealth

Friday, April 25th, 2008

templebricksketch08.jpgtemple208.jpg2008. Rustoleum with Stocktip on Abandoned Building. The now 80% demolished building used to be a Plastics Mfg. sight specializing in store displays. The wall I painted is one of 3 freestanding brick walls that are still standing until a new security fence for the property is erected. The homeless gentlemen hired by the land owner to watch over the property & I talked for a bit about the space & what it’s future holds. I told him I would come back later that evening and smash the wall, he didn’t mind the company. 

No. 36/ Highland y Melrose Softblockade

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


No. 36/ Highland y Melrose Softblockade [2008] 

Acrylic, house paint & imported spray paint onprimed wood.

The Lee Estate. Los Angeles, CA

Humming Birds y Technology

Friday, February 1st, 2008


Enamel spray paint and emulsion on corrugated fiberglass and plaster.

Echo Park, CA 



Hummingbirds by ASYL’M SH and I did the rest. Spent four or so hours on this one. Originally ASYL’M had a Hummingbird on this space, so when I was asked by the renter to paint, I had to call him on it out of courtesy and we were looking to paint together anyway. The building was built in the 30’s and could quite possibly be an old fire dept. 

East LA Mural with Vyal, Werc & Retna

Monday, January 21st, 2008


Untitled Mural/ East LA | Vyal, Retna, Werc & Kofie

House paint & Spray Paint on plaster and metal


East Los Angeles, off of Whittier Blvd.


Vyal Werc of COI invited me to paint some random characters and a piece in mid January of 2008. I worked on the Rooster & two other characters referenced from my notebook. Retna | AWR came in toward the end of the week & tied it all in with his beautiful letter work. 

++ Complete Mural HERE


Detail of my character and Werc

Detailed Rooster & Vyal’s Kid on bicycle

Detail of my Character


Courtesy of Anarchosyn

No. 34/ Boyle Heights stashaway

Sunday, September 16th, 2007


No. 34/ Boyle Heights stashaway [2007]

Housepaint and spraypaint on cinderblock.


Painted in the summer of 2007, this piece is located behind a brownstone apartment complex in Boyle Heights, basically my backyard at the time. The wall was  virgin cinderblock with chicken scratch chalk markings and a few mosquito bites from the local youth. As is usually the case, I asked no ones permission to paint this Softblock mural, it just had to be done. A selection of earth red/orange and burnt browns were chosen to play off of the natural brick framing the long narrow yard.  The local families enjoyed watching it come about and appreciated the gesture.

Retna y Kofie | DJ Dusk Memorial Wall

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

kofmodusk-07.jpg2007. Acrylic on Drywall. Private Space. Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Retna AWR on the handstyles which is a 2-Pac quote….“Now of course I want peace on the streets- But realistically painting perfect pictures ain’t never worked- My misery was so deep.” The names in gold read….“DJ Dusk, Verse, Ayer, Kev”... Fallen Soldiers. Much Love to The Captan Family. You can see a shot taken in progress by Theo Jemison HERE.

No. 32/ Downtown LA Unitard Gallery

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006


No. 32/ Downtown LA Unitard Gallery  [2006]

Spraypaint & housepaint. Unitard Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles. 


Frowhawk 2-Feathers introduced me to Sven @ at the opening of his gallery Unitard. There was this vacant parking lot on the east side of his gallery space. He gave me permission that night and it was on. This wall wa such a great opportunity to mash out some murals that downtown hasnt had ever, pure murals with no letters. that was my only criteria when i asked NUKE, 12ER, Dash Rock & ASYL’M to take the left side of the gallery wall. As far as i’m concerned theycrushed the wall andleft my piece in the dust. The Mural is now imortalized in.

Cerasoli Gallery: Culver City, Calif.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

lab10105.jpg2005. Montana spray paint & house paint. This mural is located in the rear of the Lab 101 Gallery in Culver City, CA. The wall was supposed to rotate with other artists painting it, but Freddie C let it stand of 4 years.  The space is now known as the Cerasoli Gallery

San Francisco/ Amoeba Wall

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

kofsf05.jpgSummer 2005. During my 2Man show @ Fifty24SF Gallery with Greg

Gravillis Mural

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

gravillis05.jpg2005. Keith Tamashiro of SOAP Design recommended me when Gravillis Inc. were looking to bring a lil something to their creative space. Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, Gravillis is a commercial print campaign house catering to the entertainment industry. Some of your favorite packaging designs just might of came out of there. the walls were already orange when i began, so prep was nothing. Everyone bugs out on this one still.

2004: Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004


was invited to the small, traditional town of Gunma in Kiryu City to paint an interior mural for a boutique thatt supported Draftsmen called Hot Joint. It’s about 60 miles outside of Tokyo & it’s architecture hasn’t changed much. Sound Eater was a modest record store just around the corner from Hot Joint which is the painted roll up gate, a last minute adition to the project.  

Hiroshima, JP + Level Store Mural#2

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003


Level Store | Mural No. 2

Belton spray paint & acrylic on raw cement

Hiroshima, Japan 

Fall, 2003


A commission to paint the second floor of this well designed boutique just blocks from Peace Park, the epicenter of the atomic bombing in 1945. This was my second visit to the Level store within 2 years. The requested work this time was the Statue of Liberty, in gray’s and silvers.

No. 17/ UNION Store rear parking lot

Sunday, August 10th, 2003


No. 17/ UNION Store rear parking lot [2003]

Acrylic, house & domestic spray paint on wood.

Weekend afternoon. This was a permission wall.


The rear parking lot for UNION & Stussy Employees was a bit of a free for all. This was a nice overlap block style that playd well with the wood slates.

No. 11: 6th Street west of La Brea

Monday, May 5th, 2003


Panel # 11

6th Street & La Brea Blvd. 

House paint on wood panel


Early weekday morning. 


This was just west of La Brea & used to be a well known street wear boutique in the 90’s. I was a bit overwhelmed with the size of this one, so I was going to be a bit more minimal to the best of my control, and it was, but only because I was cut short. The lead contractor working on the sight drove up and were kinda bigging on me. I gave him some run-around talk about why I was doing it without permission & then informed me that they were taking the wall down soon. Truth was it stayed up for 2 more weeks due to delays in construction. 

Hendrix Mural, Malibu CA

Friday, July 5th, 2002


Hendrix in blue [2002]

Acrylic and spraypaint on primed surface.

One World Access office, Malibu, CA.


Commissioned by Masa of One World Access. One world has been helping me with Draftsmen since the beginning. Masa requested a large Hendrix Mural in their front office wall which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I felt the Blue would compliment the sea

West Coast|Rapid Fire

Thursday, April 4th, 2002

rfwc02.jpg2002. House paint & Spray paint.  Hollywood, CA. Dye5 on the ‘Rapid Fire‘ piece up top. Mr. Trickster on the ‘West Coast’ at bottom. I mashed the cloud backgrounds and the B-boy with wings. 

Group Show: HOTSY DUNK

Saturday, March 30th, 2002


House paint & spray paint on drywall. [2002]


Hotsy Dunk Group Show @ The Produce Department Gallery.

Eugene The Jeep pictured to the left was part of the mural, but painted on a found sign. Los Angeles cats were just settling into the use of house paint as a primary element for spray paint murals at this time and this was one of my early demonstrations of this medium. 

The gallery produced a nice limited printing of a handmade book to commemorate the group show. From what I remember, MOCA purchased a small number of them to sell at one of their LA stores.  

Charizmatik Store

Wednesday, April 11th, 2001


Client: Zen & Fred of Charizmatik  for the flagship store “The Treehouse Endeavor”

Location: Corner of Melrose & Van Ness St., Hollywood, Calif

Medium: House paint & American Spray paint (Iron oxide bronze by Krylon).

Summer 2001


Charizmatik was an adventurous and well conceived clothing brand based in Los Angeles that disbanded a few years back. The Store was called “The Tree House Endeavor” and ran with the concept of nature and having a child like heart. The interior of the shop was practically all wood and personal items. Walls were covered with square shaped blocks of found woodworks. I based the exterior mural around the idea of roots & foundation, hence the heavy earth tones. This was my first healthy sized top to bottom piece and it ran for 5 years.


HERE is the large panoramic shot.

1998: Letter styles expand/ Kofie Spellout

Saturday, December 5th, 1998


Kofie Spell out

Krylon & Painters touch enamel spray paint on brick.

Venice, CA.



This piece was my shining star and signified my letter transition going into 1999. Mastering how to create each letter individually was a direction I was going into, yet I still fed off of the previous letter form as well as the next. I kept my colors mello, using soft like-color blends to highlight their shape and I really debated if I should highlight the letters. Im glad I didnt. 

I painted this wall with a west Los Angeles Legend, JigzOne.


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