My most recent print Circulate System Shift’ with 1XRun will be on display as for sale along with a number of other great artists partisipating in the 2014 POW! WOW! Hawaii.  View the entire collection HERE.



The team at 1xRUN is excited to announce a unique partnership with Pow Wow Hawaii, the world’s leading mural festival. This February 1xRUN will arrive in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu starting on February 3rd. At 3pm EST we kick off a series of 40 + print releases by participating 2014 Pow Wow artists, wrapping up on February 18th. 

With an expansive roster of over 50 artists converging on the island to paint large scale murals for nearly two weeks Pow Wow Hawaii is a one of a kind event not to be missed. As things wrap up 1xRUN will host a special print exhibition on February 14th at Loft in Space / Fresh Cafe. Along with the expansive 1xRUN print exhibition we have partnered with Pangea Seed, a local non profit to exhibit prints from their archives and their new Sametan figure customized by over 30 global artists. 


View All Pow Wow Featured Artists: Roids, Ron English, Tristan Eaton, Aaron De La Cruz, BASK, Meggs, Persue 1 & 2, Angry Woebots 1 & 2, Dave Kinsey, 123 Klan, Insa, Brendan Monroe Gold & Silver, Hannah Stouffer, Inti, Prime, Estria, Cyrcle, Defer, Cope2, Indie 184, Augustine Kofie, Gage Hamilton, Ekundayo, Mimi Pond, Wayne White, Tatiana Suarez, Reka, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Gaia, Glenn Barr, Nychos, Apexer, Madsteez & Roids, Kamea Hadar and Dabs Myla 







[ During my stay in Portland, Oregon during the ‘Three The Hard Way’ exhibition at Breeze Block Gallery, John Goff of Serigraphic Systems Inc. and I took some time out to create this 3-color screen print, my first with SSI. The entire production was completed on the campus of Portland State University in the arts and science campus. I painted the transparencies, mixed the specific colors and John hand pulled the edition by hand. Each is signed with my A.Kofie signature and embossed with the Agents of Change & TRANSCEND icons, same used on Jerry Joker Inscoes recent edition with SSI.

The title is a play on words referring to isometric, the exercise of illustrating 3-dimensional renderings in a 2-dimensional manner. Bump that against the hectic balance of a fast paced structural case study. The cool blue color way manages to warm the sharp illustrations as well as hint to my admiration of the outdated process of blueprints. ]



Iso-Hectic by A.Kofie

18″ x 24″

3 color silkscreen on 275 gsm archival paper.

Editions of 40

Printed at Portland State University


Released January 5th, 2014. 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time


This print is SOLD OUT


Detail photos, more information and ordering can be made here.  

Enquiries on future releases can be made here:






Incised Series No. 3

Edition Size: 75

15 x 15 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper

This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Kofie and 1xRUN.

This edition is sold out


[Complete info and interview can be viewed on 1XRUN]






I’m very proud to announce the release of this recent print. This will mark my forth official multi color screen-print in my career, and one if my finest.

“Study of A Manifest Horizon is a 5 color, hand pulled, screen print on Coventry Rag 320gsm archival paper with hand-torn deckled edges at 18 x 24 inches (Standard frame size). Each print is signed and numbered by the artist on the front with certificate of Authenticity included.

What makes this a unique print is that each transparency was painted by hand with opaque inks, markers and spray paint, making the final print as painterly and illustrated as a true hand could. Completely hand pulled by Ryan McIntosh of Intellectual Property Prints.

This edition of 50 has sold out.








Augustine Kofie

Select Exhibition Works 2001 - 2012


This is best described as catalogue-ish type direct breakdown of very select studio works spanning 12 years of my art career. Being this is my first true publication I wanted to make sure that the first manifestation covered a body of works that can clearly show my evolution and growth. From my first true solo show at Frank Sosa’s infamous 33 1/3 bookstore [Banksy’s first LA show followed my solo there in 2001] to the Graffuturism show in Los Angeles to finish off 2012 and about 25 select shown in between.


Included excerpts from Jaybo Monk, Christina Ochoa, Justin Giarla, Nastia Voynovskys & Todd Mazer.

Photography from Michael Underwood, Todd Mazer, Mike Cuffe for Warholian, Theo Jemison, Ian Campbell, Paul Doubell , Ixchel Lara and myself.


Many thanks to everyone that came through on the words and images, and to Michael Hernandez for the layout and Toowee for her support.





A number of books are available at The Last Bookstore/ Downtown LA Starting Monday, January 13th.. This will be the only physical location to purchase the book.

453 S. Spring St, Ground Floor, Downtown LA  |  213.488.0599     MON-THURS: 10A-10P, FRI-SAT: 10A-11P, SUN: 10A-6P



2nd Edition, self published.

8 x 10 inches,  62 pages + cover, full color, 100# Finch fine text & 130# Finch fine cover digital process printing, perfect bound, printed in Los Angeles.






 MTN Colors recently released 5 new limited edition spray cans featuring Belin, Mistery, How & Nosm, Roid MSK and myself. As always they they are presented in an individually designed wooden box, stamped with the artists personal seal. Limited to only 500 units in total. This item is SOLD OUT.




Black & White Studio Observations Zine | Edition of 30


A collection of personal digital pictures taken with my old Blackberry Storm phone.

Pictures were captured between Spring 2010 to Fall 2011 covering various studio works including ‘Retrofitted and other forms of Vintage Futurism’ as well as ‘Circulatory System’, both held at White Walls Gallery, SF.


8.5 x 5.5 inches

14 pages

Xerographic prints on both new and found paper. 

Stapled, signed and numbered.

includes one postcard and sticker from the archives.

Printed and released in November 2012, Los Angeles.


$8 US

$10 Outside the US

Only 1 per customer

Shipped within 2 days of initial order via USPS.






Edition One Hundred Presents I LOVE LA


[Edition One Hundred launched on June 30, 2010, with I LOVE LA, a six week exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez celebrating the influence of the Los Angeles art scene on its denizens, and its impact around the globe. Fusing high and low, young and old, independent and commercial cultures, I LOVE LA features local artists, from the famous to the unknown including B+, Augustine Kofie, Estevan Oriol, Miles Regis, Katie Shapiro, and Tasya van Ree. Ms. Jimenez brings them together to reveal the power of their imagination as it is made manifest for the pleasure of art collecting.]



A percentage of the sales goes directly to the “InDuskWeTrust” charity, which was set up by his younger brother Rashad in 2008 to honor DJ Dusk a.k.a. Tarek Captan for three reasons: To keep him alive in our hearts and minds, to further his social activism by raising money for charities and scholarships, and finally to preserve one of his life’s works…his record collection


Muchas Los Angeles

3 color serigraph on coventry rag vellum

320 gm/wt printed by Modern Multiples.

Signed in the front right corner

Paper size: 14 x 14.5 inches.

Image size: 10.5 x 10.5 inches

Edition of 100


 My contribution to this series is available HERE to purchase.





I was invited via Juxtapoz to submit some of my artwork to the Uncommon Project. They produce and sell customizable mobile phone cases for most Apple products. You’re able to scale and rotate images from a vast selection of artists to get a composition you like on a mobile device case.

To date there are about 8 images to choose from in my collection. All are taken from sellect works from both my personal collection, commisions and gallery works. Below is just a small sample of your options.







I contributed some illustrations to Monokrome Book, Vol. 01  |  Available HERE