Commercial work: G4’s Attack Of The Show



Client: G4 TV/ Time Warner

Project: G4’s Attack of the Show Add Campaign backdrop

Location: Los Angeles

Medium: Latex paint, acrylic & spray paint on 8 x 8 foot wood panel



In the Fall of 2010 I was commissioned by the design crew at G4 TV to produce an original backdrop for an add campaign to promote the upcoming season of the viral video and gadget heavy G4’s Attack Of the Show. The final design incorporated my looser style and interwove iconic electronic gadgets and media related to the shows subject matter. I felt there was a great fit here + I wanted to make sure my work was organic and loose enough to not look so ‘digitally printed’ as a backdrop.


The Street campaign consisted of full size billboards as well as train and bus adds from January to March of 2011.


One of the highlights of this project was that the final piece is publicly on display in the main lobby of the E Entertainment Building on Wilshire where they film Attack Of The Show.