‘Iso-Hectic’ | 3-color Screenprint with Serigraphic Systems

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014






[ During my stay in Portland, Oregon during the ‘Three The Hard Way’ exhibition at Breeze Block Gallery, John Goff of Serigraphic Systems Inc. and I took some time out to create this 3-color screen print, my first with SSI. The entire production was completed on the campus of Portland State University in the arts and science campus. I painted the transparencies, mixed the specific colors and John hand pulled the edition by hand. Each is signed with my A.Kofie signature and embossed with the Agents of Change & TRANSCEND icons, same used on Jerry Joker Inscoes recent edition with SSI.

The title is a play on words referring to isometric, the exercise of illustrating 3-dimensional renderings in a 2-dimensional manner. Bump that against the hectic balance of a fast paced structural case study. The cool blue color way manages to warm the sharp illustrations as well as hint to my admiration of the outdated process of blueprints. ]



Iso-Hectic by A.Kofie

18″ x 24″

3 color silkscreen on 275 gsm archival paper.

Editions of 40

Printed at Portland State University


Released January 5th, 2014. 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time


This print is SOLD OUT


Detail photos, more information and ordering can be made here.  

Enquiries on future releases can be made here:



5-Color Screen Print with Intellectual Property Prints

Sunday, November 10th, 2013




I’m very proud to announce the release of this recent print. This will mark my forth official multi color screen-print in my career, and one if my finest.

“Study of A Manifest Horizon is a 5 color, hand pulled, screen print on Coventry Rag 320gsm archival paper with hand-torn deckled edges at 18 x 24 inches (Standard frame size). Each print is signed and numbered by the artist on the front with certificate of Authenticity included.

What makes this a unique print is that each transparency was painted by hand with opaque inks, markers and spray paint, making the final print as painterly and illustrated as a true hand could. Completely hand pulled by Ryan McIntosh of Intellectual Property Prints.

This edition of 50 has sold out.

Side Street Studios Mural | Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

Thursday, October 25th, 2012




Side Street mural Fall 2012

Spray paint, laytex house paint on primed plaster & brick. 

Woodstock district of Cape Town, South Africa

Light mural located in the Side Street Studios complex in Woodstcok. Work shots courtesy of Ixchel Lara. Many thanks to Elad for the support and getting this wall together.

Smart Urban Stage | Future of the city global project

Thursday, December 15th, 2011



Suburbia Redux

Case study No. 1 & 2

Ink, paper & digital collage



The car manufacturer SMART have an amazing project entitled Smart Urban Stage.


It’s a global online project dealing with the future of the city. They ask pioneers from metropolises around the world to question the urban status quo. The results are visions, ideas and solutions for sustainable lifestyles, modern social systems and forward-looking developments in the fields of architecture, design and technology. The worldwide event series ’smart urban stage’ is exhibiting ideas and solutions of forward thinking future makers.


I was posed the question “What is LA going to do with suburbia?” You can follow up up my answer here..


Many thanks to Cathy Boom for reaching out & Ixchel Lara for guidance.



More information about the project here

Jaybo Monk also was posed a question 

Illustration: Black Bird

Monday, July 25th, 2011




8.5 x 11 inches 

Sharpie & white-out illustration on aged vellum.

Photo reference photographer: Koury Angelo




Backbird is talented

3-color Serigraph print with Edition One Hundred: I Love LA

Thursday, August 19th, 2010





 Edition One Hundred Presents I LOVE LA

Designed to provide beautifully packaged and produced art and photography at prices within reach, Edition One Hundred is a gallery without walls, open twenty-four hours a day in any time zone around the globe. The gallery is located at Editiononehundred


Edition One Hundred launched on June 30, 2010, with I LOVE LA, a six week exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez celebrating the influence of the Los Angeles art scene on its denizens, and its impact around the globe. Fusing high and low, young and old, independent and commercial cultures, I LOVE LA features local artists, from the famous to the unknown including B+, Augustine Kofie, Estevan Oriol, Miles Regis, Katie Shapiro, and Tasya van Ree. Ms. Jimenez brings them together to reveal the power of their imagination as it is made manifest for the pleasure of art collecting.


Each artist’s work is printed in an exclusive edition of 100, and each print sells for $100. All prints are signed by the artist, come with a certificate of authenticity, and are made exclusively on Mohawk papers unless otherwise indicated.


LA can be anything you want it to be. Precisely because LA is so sprawling makes it natural for clusters of communities and groups to organize and occur. From the Valley to Santa Monica and everywhere in between, there are thriving art scenes. People say that the geography divides us but I think it’s created this dynamic place of subcultures and communities where one can easily navigate within, or get to. That’s the undercurrent I get…you have to be pretty organized and determined here; there’s not much whimsy.


I LOVE LA is about the artists who chose LA, who create in LA and who help to inspire Los Angelenos and the world. These artists belong to their own respective communities. In bringing them together under Edition One Hundred, they get to belong to another community, or the first “class” of Edition One Hundred artists, if you will.


I selected artists that have inspired me, or inspired hundreds of individuals here in Los Angeles; artists that are total unknowns but are super-prolific; and artists whose fame has secured them legions of fans. The artists all have different end products, some will chose the digital path, and some will remain in the traditional photo printing technology. Some will chose to use serigraphs as their prints, and other digital reproductions, so it’s about what feels right to the artist themselves.


I am a lover of the arts, especially photography. For me, collecting is a luxury that I most often cannot afford. I, alongside many of my friends, follow many artists and hope to be able to afford their pieces in the future that are sold through galleries, but in the meantime, there is this great possibility where new technology can create a space for selling art more affordably. Every artist that I am inviting is an artist that I’d love to support and also to collect. It’s that simple.


-Cat Jimenez, Curator


My bio and Q & A are HERE.

My contribution to this series is available HERE to purchase.


+ remember, a percentage of the sales goes directly to the “InDuskWeTrust” charity, which was set up by his younger brother Rashad in 2008 to honor DJ Dusk a.k.a. Tarek Captan for three reasons: To keep him alive in our hearts and minds, to further his social activism by raising money for charities and scholarships, and finally to preserve one of his life’s works…his record collection.



Blind Enamel Spray

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010



Blind Enamel Spray [2010]

21 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches

Acrylic ink, gel transfer and letraset type on birch.

Finished in matte satin gel medium + Found frame.



Illustration: Pro Testing My Patience

Thursday, May 13th, 2010




Pro Testing My Patience 2010

8.5 x 11 inches

Sharpie & Pilot Ink illustration on aged vellum.

Photo taken from the interweb.


Pro Testing My Patience is one of 3 of my line art sketches and a refrence for one of three painting I will have on display at Mears CONTEMPORARY CORRUPTION REVISITED exhibition at Mid-City Arts Gallery  this Saturday.

Illustration: Julien Wari Hobobo AKA VibezOne Rest In Peace

Monday, March 29th, 2010


Wari and I shared many mutual friends. I cant claim to be in this top tier of peoples, but we always chopped it up deep about music, samples and such when we happened into each other in the Mid city districts of Los Angeles. Wari was a meticulous beat maker and sample connoisseur. It took him a minute to warm up to me, but he finally let me listen to some tracks once in a while.

Taken much to early, he will be missed by many underground Angelinos.


++Full Size Download of my illustration of Wari to share is HERE++



Illustration: Remi LBO album cover for Porter Records

Monday, March 1st, 2010


Remy LBO

Peeling in the Drum Comical Cheating

Ink on Velum with Photoshop Halftones

Commissioned by Luke Mosling of Porter Records 

Porter Records Cd/Lp Release April 2010


Created this illustration late 2009 for the Porter records release for instrumentalist Remy LBO. It all went so smoothly from the initial email, to my quick turnaround on line art samples based on their interests. It was refreshing to illustrate again, especially characters. It has been some time since I’ve offered them for commercial use, but this was such a fitting project

Illustration: The Gaslamp Killer

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

kd-gaslampkiller.jpgXtra fine point Pilot ink pen & watercolor on vellum.  I have mad love and support for this cat as much as I can. Theo took a  the original photo and it called to me, especially since this is a hair style rarely seen in print. I placed the majority of the attention on the facial hair and the sun glasses and flipped some classic illustration techniques to aged her. There are some 2″ stickers floating around of this illustration as well.

Illustration: Camu Tao | Rest In Peace

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

kd-camu-tao08.jpgPen & Ink Illustration. Color Play in Photoshop. Camu Tao was a talented cat from Cleveland,  Ohio associated with RJD2 & The Definitive Jux Crew. He passed away on Memorial day of 2008 after a long bout with Lung Cancer. Keepdrafting sends our condolences to his family, loved ones and peers of the this late, very talented producer/emcee.

Illustration: Rime Magazine/ J Dilla & James Brown

Sunday, March 11th, 2007


Watercolor & Acrylic on paper



Commissioned by Rime Magazine to produce a couple of  article illustrations for some of their issues. The two shown are of James Yancie AKA J Dilla as well as James Brown, both highly influential artists no longer with us physically. The Dilla piece was painted specifically for the article & James was painted live @ The Root Down several weeks before.

Illustration: Orko Eloheim| Forbidden Physics Album concept

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
Client: Orko Eloheim
Illustration and textures for tri-fold layout

Layout by Jeff Madrid of TRSR|HNT



Orko Eloheim | Forbidden Physics | One Cell Records. San Diego native Orko  Eloheim (Nephlim Modulation Systems) requested my services for this solo release which was intended to be a physical CD on indie label One Cell Records. From the last news I received, it will now only be a digital release. That was a bit of a sting since my man designed it based on a tri-fold jammie. I’ve mentioned many a time that i am not a pure graphic designer, so i need to enlist the experience of some of my very talented associates…. TRSR|HNT on the layout, text and conceptualization, myself on the found elements & original illustrations.

Illustration: Scion Presents: Connie Price & The Keystones VS BDK 12″

Monday, January 1st, 2007



Watercolor Illustration on paper

Layout by Jeff Madrid of TRSR|HNT



Producer, writer, arranger & guitarist Dan Ubick of Connie Price & The Keystones/The Lions Commissioned me to rock the layout for this Scion Promotional release featuring Big Daddy Kane and Percee P.

TRSR|HNT on the layout, text  and fine tuning.



Illustration: Stussy/ Keith Tamashiro T-shirt

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006


Various ink on vellum



I created this illustration to help raise money for Keith Tamashiro’s mounting hospital bills after he suffered a untimely brain aneurysm.  Stussy produced over 200 of  the t-shrts at no charge & they were for sale at 3 special events to help out our friend. Keith is getting well.  

Talib Kweli’s ‘Listen’ Video/ Illustrations and performance

Monday, May 1st, 2006


 Original linear and portrait Illustrations & Live Painting. 

Commissioned by Syndrome Studio


Illustration: Labwaste 12″

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005


Illustrationsused for the Labwaste 12″ [2005]

Released on One Cell Records.


This is the second release from the Zwarte Achtegrod album.  A 12″ with 8 remixes. When Giovani (Subtitle) first showed interest in me adding a lil something to the album I was excited. I smashed out about 4 portrait illustrations of them based on Eric Coleman’s photos & just gave Sub xerox copies. I had confidence in his design taste & gave him free range of usage, pro bono. It was a treat to see what they did with them. Both Subtitle & Thavius Beck are so naturally talented & work very well together professionally and personally. It’s always an honor to provide my services to those cats.

Illustration: Notebook 1999

Saturday, November 20th, 1999


Kofie Technology studys/ doodles

Various inks on acid free paper



In the late 90’s my Black Books became Notebooks. It’s contents ranged form rhymes, notes, phone #’s and the occasional burner, but what was consistent were my doodles surrounding the notes and words. ‘Thought Bubbles’ evolved into their own entity’s, breaking apart and morphing. I was a major fan of Harmony Gold’s 1985 animated series Robotech (the American version of Super Dimension Fortress Macross), It’s Mecha designs & the concept of “Robo-Technology”. My ‘KofieTechnology’ was more on an organic tip though, avoiding the computer generated tech look. After Digging through all of my notebook archives, this page stood out as a catalyst for my styles to come.