Serigraph: MKNZMS | Serigraph with Swinton Gallery, Madrid

Sunday, April 8th, 2018



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“MKNZMS”, 2018

70 x 70 cm

2 Color hand pulled screen print

Keaykolour Original Blanco 300 g/m2

Limited edition of 30 copies signed and numbered by the artist.

Swinton Gallery Stamp

Printed at “Hola Por Qué”  (Madrid)

Includes a MKNZM Soundtrack by Augustine Kofie C60 Cassette and a download link for a digital file.

Ships world wide.


Available at the Swinton Gallery store. Ships world wide.






Serigraph: Innferold-Overwhelm for Jonathan LeVine Projects

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

kd-innerfold-overwhelm.jpg Innerfold-Overwhelm
24 x 24 inches
4-color Serigraph on 290gsm Coventry rag fine art paper with deckled edge.
Hand pulled by @Seriopress fine art editions, Pasadena, CA.
Edition of 100
Photo: Michael Underwood

I will be releasing my first Serigraph in 3 years this weekend [June24th] with Jonathan LeVine Projects for the group show ‘Multiples of Multiples’.
‘Innerfold-Overwhelm’ is based on my marker techniques sketches, referencing an illustration executed in the last 6 months. Each of the 4 transparencies was hand painted to give the piece a painterly and hands on, illustrated feel. This would be considered my most dense and heavily structured print to date, reflecting a feeling of being engulfed and surrounded. The overwhelming, constant barrage of the unwanted, be it politics, authority overstepping, or just good old general anxiety.

Available exclusively at the ‘Multiples of Multiples’ group show as well as the online store.

‘Multiples of Multiples’ – Group exhibition of prints and editioned work by Ashley Wood, Augustine Kofie, Ben Tolman, Ben Venom, Brett Amory, Dennis McNett, Dylan Egon, Hellbent, JeffSoto, Jeremy Fish, João Ruas, John Jacobs Meyer, Nick Walker & Shepard Fairey. On view from June 24 – July 22, 2017

Jonathan Levine Projects is now located at Mana Contemporary
Suites 415 and 344
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm


Illustration and handstyle for SACH Essential LP released by HIT+RUN

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


[Longtime collaborators HIT+RUN asked me to contribute to this great ‘Best of’ collection of music by Sach Illpages, a true LA connoisseur, Dj, beat-smith, painter and MC in it’s purest form. Photography by Eric Coleman of MOCHILLA, Liner Notes by Carlos Nino and design direction by Brandy Flower. The LP and cassettes are available via their Bandcamp and select stores.]




While G-funk dominated hip-hop airwaves through the 1990s, the pulse of underground rap was maintained at the Good Life Café, an open-mic workshop at the corner of Crenshaw & Exposition in Los Angeles. After Freestyle Fellowship became the first Good Life group to invade the national consciousness in 1991, a young duo called THE NONCE were their heirs apparent, seemingly primed for a breakthrough. Composed of Leimert Park natives Lance ‘Nouka Basetype / Sach’ Caldwell and Yusef ‘Afloat’Muhammad, The Nonce had already been rapping and recording together for years prior to arriving at Good Life. The Nonce signed to Wild West Records / American and completed a record called ‘World Ultimate’ in 1995.


An early single called “Mix Tapes” emerged from the ‘World Ultimate’ sessions. With its dense percussion, rolling bass, spare horn samples and deft turntable scratches, it’s emblematic of the sound that would pervade the classic album. The song charts Sach and Yusef’s growth from mixtape peddlers to artists. It also became The Nonce’s stepping stone to a major label contract and a bonafide west coast classic. While often likened to A Tribe Called Quest’s concurrent records, ‘World Ultimate’ moves at a lower frequency than any Tribe album, achieving the considered smoothness of the best mid-‘90s California rap.


After ‘World Ultimate’, Sach and Yusef intended to push their musical boundaries even further. In 1998, Sach formulated an ambitious project called ‘Seven Days to Engineer,’ in which he’d conceive, produce and record an entire album in a week. The song, “Look At Me Mean,” has a murky, uneasy vibe miles removed from ‘World Ultimate’s happy-go-lucky sound. For Yusef Afloat, the journey ended at age 28. In 2000 his body was found beside the 110-Freeway. Whatever the cause of death, “It was devastating to me, and it affected me in a lot of different ways,” Sach says. “It made me disavow the industry. I still wanted to make music, but I didn’t know how to proceed.”


Sach disappeared for a while but emerged in 2002 with ‘Suckas Hate Me,’ and in 2004 recorded his third solo album ‘Sach 5th Ave’ with producer Omid. In the years since Sach has maintained a prolific solo career, self-releasing nearly a dozen projects ranging from LPs to collaborations and instrumental tapes. As Sach Ill Pages and with Name Science (with Ino Oner), he’s pursued a more abstract lyricism and leans more heavily on jazz instrumentals than he did with The Nonce, but he’s the same rapper.


Fast forward to 2016 and the forthcoming release of ‘ESSENTIAL [HNR57] a remastered twelve-track “Best of” SACH compilation album, serving as a re-introduction of Sach to a new generation of hip-hop lovers, producers, beat makers & emcees. This extraordinary musical document comes complete with cover artwork courtesy of Augustine Kofie, the legendary photography of Eric Coleman, plus illustrative and informative liner notes by luminary Carlos Nino, and is available on limited-edition 12″ tangerine colored vinyl, (only 300qty pressed in collaboration with Fat Beats), plus Cassette tape (includes two non-LP bonus tracks “Heavenly Spit” & “Robot on Ya”).

Publication: KEEP DRAFTING Monograph with ZERO+ Publishing

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016


ZERO+ Publishing 



Published by Zero+ Publishing

Introduction by Rafael Schacter

160 pages, 11 1/4″ X 11 1/4″

120 Illustrations, English

100 color plates, 200 gsm SPCO matte art paper

Hardcover – Cloth with paper dust jacket

Release date: June 2015

Edition of 1,000

Designed by Pedersen Projects, Claremont, California

ISBN: 9781937222390


Keep Drafting traces the fascinating trajectory of Augustine Kofie’s work, from his early figurative pieces to his more recent forays into geometric forms and abstraction using collage and found images. Sketches, initial drawings and a grouping of paintings on clipboards give a strong sense of not only the working process of this incredible artist, but help document how he achieves such enduring finished paintings. KOFIE’s background growing up as a graffiti writer in Los Angeles in the 1990s has further informed his amazing outdoor murals, including a featured signature piece from Mexico City. Augustine has exhibited his work in Milan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Miami, Glasgow, London, Vancouver, Berlin, Basel, Melbourne and beyond.    -GINKO PRESS


Available at:







Artworks for Bläp Dëli x Pragmatic Theory x Goldie Records 12″, WHISPËR.MË

Sunday, June 1st, 2014








Illustrations for the Bläp Dëli Pragmatic Theory x Goldie Records 12″ LP ‘WHISPËR.MË’.

Released internationally June 1s, 2014. AVAILABLE HERE.


About The Release

With the beginnings of UK based label Pragmatic Theory inspired by interactions & admiration of the talent found within an underground music community, happening upon Bläp Dëli’s page, we unanimously felt we had stumbled across someone special. Immediately reaching out, talks of releasing both his first LP vinyl & Pragmatic Theory’s, went underway. In capturing the musical essence of the finished album, its cover art was an integral representation of the project as a whole & we had the pleasure and fortune to be able to work with the extremely talented LA artist Augustine Kofie to fulfill that aim. Spanning a wide range of genres & styles that align with the vision of both the artist Bläp Dëli & label Pragmatic Theory alongside the perfect visual landscape Kofie has created, we welcome you to join us in this journey a year in the making of which we hold close to our hearts. Please enjoy Bläp Dëli’s ‘Whispër.Më’.


Bläp Dëli ‘Whispër.Më’ LTD Edition Vinyl is available from our Website, Bandacmp page & as of the second week of June HHV, Jetset Japan & various Worldwide independent record stores. ‘Whispër.Më’  will also be available digitally through i-Tunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify & various online digital music sites in the coming days & weeks.


About The Artist

California beatmaker and Goldie Records founder Bläp Dëli [Emmet Kai] began his venture into electronic music in late 2011. With years as an instrumentalist in various punk/metal bands, transition into making his own music came easy leading to an artist and musician group in 2012: The Sandbox Collective, a San Francisco and Sonoma County based label. With all of Bläp Dëli’s projects released independently, the collaboration with Pragmatic Theory Records and focus on his current label Goldie Records made born  to his his first 12″ LP “Whisper.Me” (June 2014). Currently residing in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa area, Bläp continues to make music and play in bands.


About The Art

We feel truly blessed to be working with Los Angeles based street artist Augustine Kofie, whom has established himself within the local West LA graffiti scene since the mid 1990s & has then been manifesting a coalescence of artistic & structural aesthetic internationally. Having had no formal Art background past high school, Kofie’s natural inclination to experimentation of drawing was expressed when he was younger by use of the materials & supply available around his home by his mother, whom studied Fine Arts at UCLA. Further developing his skills through the type of experience gained as a veteran graffiti artist, his abilities, perspective, and approach of personal visual expression was further strengthened and veered toward merging simple shapes & linear lines on a structural form skillfully approached to become his canvas.
Along with his visual creations, Kofie has also been exploring with music from back in 1995 tying in another connection of providing the cover art of Pragmatic Theory’s first vinyl to beatmaker Bläp Dëli, who also resides in the California.


About The Label

UK based label Pragmatic Theory began as a movement for the love & appreciation of music & inspiration from the talent found within the SoundCloud community. In 2012 marked the first compilation being a Curtis Mayfield tribute released as both an album (mcs/beatmakers) and a beat tape. Not long after, the Pragmatic Theory bandcamp platform continued to release alternating compilations to support both underground scenes that shared the same love for music as well as independent artist releases. Continuing to be blessed with many talented artists/beatmakers as well as a loyal fan base, growth of the label opened up another opportunity to venture into vinyl & physical releases. Today the ethos of the collective & label remains the same, to provide a platform to promote underground artists & share with listeners new & innovative music. All for the love of music & the beat culture.

Publication: Cover illustration for “My Los Angeles” by Edward W. Soja

Sunday, April 20th, 2014




Was an honor to contribute artwork for a recent publication from Professor and author Edward W. SojaMy Los Angeles: From Urban Restructuring to Regional Urbanization. Many thanks to contributor Stefano Bloch for the recommendation.



On the Author and the book:


Edward W. Soja is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning at University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author of Postmetropolis: Critical Studies of Cities and Regions and the co-editor of The City: Los Angeles and Urban Theory at the End of the Twentieth Century among other books.


At once informative and entertaining, inspiring and challenging, My Los Angeles provides a deep understanding of urban development and change over the past forty years in Los Angeles and other city regions of the world. Once the least dense American metropolis, Los Angeles is now the country’s densest urbanized area and one of the most culturally heterogeneous cities in the world. Soja takes us through this urban metamorphosis, analyzing urban restructuring, deindustrialization and reindustrialization, the globalization of capital and labor, and the formation of an information-intensive New Economy. By examining his own evolving interpretations of Los Angeles and the debates on the so-called Los Angeles School of urban studies, Soja argues that a radical shift is taking place in the nature of the urbanization process, from the familiar metropolitan model to regional urbanization. By looking at such concepts as new regionalism, the spatial turn, the end of the metropolis era, the urbanization of suburbia, the global spread of industrial urbanism, and the transformative urban-industrialization of China, Soja offers a unique and remarkable perspective on critical urban and regional studies.



Available for purchace at UC Press 





‘Iso-Hectic’ | 3-color Screenprint with Serigraphic Systems

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014






[ During my stay in Portland, Oregon during the ‘Three The Hard Way’ exhibition at Breeze Block Gallery, John Goff of Serigraphic Systems Inc. and I took some time out to create this 3-color screen print, my first with SSI. The entire production was completed on the campus of Portland State University in the arts and science campus. I painted the transparencies, mixed the specific colors and John hand pulled the edition by hand. Each is signed with my A.Kofie signature and embossed with the Agents of Change & TRANSCEND icons, same used on Jerry Joker Inscoes recent edition with SSI.

The title is a play on words referring to isometric, the exercise of illustrating 3-dimensional renderings in a 2-dimensional manner. Bump that against the hectic balance of a fast paced structural case study. The cool blue color way manages to warm the sharp illustrations as well as hint to my admiration of the outdated process of blueprints. ]



Iso-Hectic by A.Kofie

18″ x 24″

3 color silkscreen on 275 gsm archival paper.

Editions of 40

Printed at Portland State University


Released January 5th, 2014. 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time


This print is SOLD OUT


Detail photos, more information and ordering can be made here.  

Enquiries on future releases can be made here:


Smart Urban Stage | Future of the city global project

Thursday, December 15th, 2011



Suburbia Redux

Case study No. 1 & 2

Ink, paper & digital collage



The car manufacturer SMART have an amazing project entitled Smart Urban Stage.


It’s a global online project dealing with the future of the city. They ask pioneers from metropolises around the world to question the urban status quo. The results are visions, ideas and solutions for sustainable lifestyles, modern social systems and forward-looking developments in the fields of architecture, design and technology. The worldwide event series ’smart urban stage’ is exhibiting ideas and solutions of forward thinking future makers.


I was posed the question “What is LA going to do with suburbia?” You can follow up up my answer here..


Many thanks to Cathy Boom for reaching out & Ixchel Lara for guidance.



More information about the project here

Jaybo Monk also was posed a question 


Wednesday, May 12th, 2010





Pro Testing My Patience 2010

8.5 x 11 inches

Sharpie & Pilot Ink illustration on aged vellum.

Photo taken from the interweb.


Pro Testing My Patience is one of 3 of my line art sketches and a refrence for one

of three painting I will have on display at Mears CONTEMPORARY CORRUPTION 




Mear One & Mid-City Arts In Association W/ The L.A. Art Machine Presents:



An Art Exhibit & Installation


Asylm + Atlas + Cache + Eye One + Kofie + Mear + Siner + Vyal

Curated By: MEAR ONE





Sponsored By 33third Los Angeles


Saturday May 15, 2010



Mid-City Arts Gallery

5113 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90019

(310) 694-3460

Open 7 Days A Week




Illustration: Julien Wari Hobobo AKA VibezOne Rest In Peace

Monday, March 29th, 2010


Wari and I shared many mutual friends. I can’t claim to be in this top tier of peoples, but we always chopped it up deep about beats and music samples when we happened into each other in the Mid city districts of Los Angeles. Wari was a meticulous beat maker and sample connoisseur. It took him a minute to warm up to me, but he finally let me listen to some tracks once in a while.

Taken much to early, he will be missed by many underground Angelinos.



Illustration: The Gaslamp Killer

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

kd-gaslampkiller.jpgXtra fine point Pilot ink pen & watercolor on vellum.  I have mad love and support for this cat as much as I can. Theo took a  the original photo and it called to me, especially since this is a hair style rarely seen in print. I placed the majority of the attention on the facial hair and the sun glasses and flipped some classic illustration techniques to aged her. There are some 2″ stickers floating around of this illustration as well.

Illustration: Scion Presents: Connie Price & The Keystones VS BDK 12″

Monday, January 1st, 2007



Watercolor Illustration on paper

Layout by Jeff Madrid of TRSR|HNT



Producer, writer, arranger & guitarist Dan Ubick of Connie Price & The Keystones/The Lions Commissioned me to rock the layout for this Scion Promotional release featuring Big Daddy Kane and Percee P.

TRSR|HNT on the layout, text  and fine tuning.



Talib Kweli’s ‘Listen’ Video/ Illustrations and performance

Monday, May 1st, 2006


 Original linear and portrait Illustrations & Live Painting. 

Commissioned by Syndrome Studio


Illustration: Labwaste 12″

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005


Illustrationsused for the Labwaste 12″ [2005]

Released on One Cell Records.


This is the second release from the Zwarte Achtegrod album.  A 12″ with 8 remixes. When Giovani (Subtitle) first showed interest in me adding a lil something to the album I was excited. I smashed out about 4 portrait illustrations of them based on Eric Coleman’s photos & just gave Sub xerox copies. I had confidence in his design taste & gave him free range of usage, pro bono. It was a treat to see what they did with them. Both Subtitle & Thavius Beck are so naturally talented & work very well together professionally and personally. It’s always an honor to provide my services to those cats.