Japan 2006: Shinkawa & Kyusjhu projects


Shinkawa Cho-Ku, Japan. July 2006

I was commissioned to paint a ‘Contribution’ style piece for a customer in the Ubiquily office of Shinkawa. Shinkawa is the business district of Tokyo & my distributer has been established here for a number of years. In the background is a piece I painted live a few years previous at a Stones Throw event in Shibuya.


 Kyusjhu. Fukuoka Prefecture. July 2006


 Fukuoka is the third-largest island of Japan & most Southwesterly of its four main islands. I was commissioned by Mr Fuji to paint his boutique in the Fukuoka Prefecture called Past-Present-Future. Went with the red-black-grey color pallet to match the decor of the store.


This was another ‘dead of summer’ Japan trip, so the humidity was on blast as usual. Island humidity tends to elongate the painting process, but I was in no hurry. Fukuoka was hit with a pretty heavy Quake the previous year & the damage was still very visible.