3-color Serigraph print with Edition One Hundred: I Love LA




 Edition One Hundred Presents I LOVE LA

Designed to provide beautifully packaged and produced art and photography at prices within reach, Edition One Hundred is a gallery without walls, open twenty-four hours a day in any time zone around the globe. The gallery is located at Editiononehundred


Edition One Hundred launched on June 30, 2010, with I LOVE LA, a six week exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez celebrating the influence of the Los Angeles art scene on its denizens, and its impact around the globe. Fusing high and low, young and old, independent and commercial cultures, I LOVE LA features local artists, from the famous to the unknown including B+, Augustine Kofie, Estevan Oriol, Miles Regis, Katie Shapiro, and Tasya van Ree. Ms. Jimenez brings them together to reveal the power of their imagination as it is made manifest for the pleasure of art collecting.


Each artist’s work is printed in an exclusive edition of 100, and each print sells for $100. All prints are signed by the artist, come with a certificate of authenticity, and are made exclusively on Mohawk papers unless otherwise indicated.


LA can be anything you want it to be. Precisely because LA is so sprawling makes it natural for clusters of communities and groups to organize and occur. From the Valley to Santa Monica and everywhere in between, there are thriving art scenes. People say that the geography divides us but I think it’s created this dynamic place of subcultures and communities where one can easily navigate within, or get to. That’s the undercurrent I get…you have to be pretty organized and determined here; there’s not much whimsy.


I LOVE LA is about the artists who chose LA, who create in LA and who help to inspire Los Angelenos and the world. These artists belong to their own respective communities. In bringing them together under Edition One Hundred, they get to belong to another community, or the first “class” of Edition One Hundred artists, if you will.


I selected artists that have inspired me, or inspired hundreds of individuals here in Los Angeles; artists that are total unknowns but are super-prolific; and artists whose fame has secured them legions of fans. The artists all have different end products, some will chose the digital path, and some will remain in the traditional photo printing technology. Some will chose to use serigraphs as their prints, and other digital reproductions, so it’s about what feels right to the artist themselves.


I am a lover of the arts, especially photography. For me, collecting is a luxury that I most often cannot afford. I, alongside many of my friends, follow many artists and hope to be able to afford their pieces in the future that are sold through galleries, but in the meantime, there is this great possibility where new technology can create a space for selling art more affordably. Every artist that I am inviting is an artist that I’d love to support and also to collect. It’s that simple.


-Cat Jimenez, Curator


My bio and Q & A are HERE.

My contribution to this series is available HERE to purchase.


+ remember, a percentage of the sales goes directly to the “InDuskWeTrust” charity, which was set up by his younger brother Rashad in 2008 to honor DJ Dusk a.k.a. Tarek Captan for three reasons: To keep him alive in our hearts and minds, to further his social activism by raising money for charities and scholarships, and finally to preserve one of his life’s works…his record collection.