Manual Arts High School Mural #002


Manual Arts High School

Imported Spray paint & house paint on stucco plaster.

Commissioned by M. Ayala



My second contribution to the ever growing mural project/ beautification series at Manual Arts Senior High School in South Central Los Angeles. I went with the school color on this one in a Soft Block style with a bit of Triangulation thrown in.

I started at 4th period and finished an hour after school ended.


There was a scheduled paint out on a Saturday but I had to come in on friday to work on my piece. Ended up in the middle of school painting this weird burner. Majority of the kids were real curious and respectful, watching patiently during lunch period and those few minuets between classes. I was all up in the headphones so I wasnt as social this time around.


Midzt painted + Skypage painted + Asylm painted + The Humanzee painted + The Lovely Brook Reidt painted +


Here was my first piece inside the school

Detail of the piece on Flicker