Manuel Arts High School Mural #001



I was invited to Manuel Arts High School in South Central, Calif. to add to the Art departments ever growing wall installations. Mr. Ayala has been educating the youth there on street art culture and it’s ever changing and developing mannerisms. His program has been running for a for a short time, but has gotten in good standings with the administration to move forward in embellishing the 2 story building with works by prominent Los Angeles street artists. My mural was sight specific, one of 2 main entrance ways into the north east building. Mr. Ayala felt my structural style would fit nicely into the horizontal crevices of the wall in question. I used 3 styles of brushes and acrylic paints to execute this 4 hour jammy.  I may stop in again within the month to add some random colors.

Zoso’s Contributions 

2cent’s Contribution