Ewsoe y Kofie Mural, Los Feliz


Ewsoe on the house character, cracks & type. Myself on the background

Spray paint & house paint on plaster

Los Feliz, Calif.


Flicker photo here


Finally got the opportunity to paint with Ewsoe PDB once again. This was a wall he copped a wear ago right next to the Vista Theatre where Sunset, Santa Monica and Hillhurst collide. I worked on pretty much all of the backgrounds, which turned into a sort of Sci-fi blast of greens, whites and blues bolting form a circular point. Ewsoe has been building a series of these house characters with faces incorporating his own take on traditional cartoon character features, very unique and recognizable. It was a super fun wall to paint. Special thanks to Rudy’s Barber Shop for the use of their king size ladder & Hines Buchanan for the conversation.


Ewsoe’s Flickr