Primary Flight | Art Basel Miami 2008




Kof Spellout & UTI piece

Imported spray paint and acrylic on plaster

Miami, Florida



Progression Here & Here.  Caught again here

Full Piece Here

Detail Here


Spent a few days in Miami, Florida during the 2008 Art Basel thanks to the Scion Installation exhibition in town. The good folks at Primary Flight blessed me with a space on the ‘Wall Of Fame‘. With a reference of a sketch I did on the plane there, I knocked my piece out in a about 5 hours. I didn’t want to f-up another pair of good shoes, so I did this one barefoot for at least half the time.


This was about the time I was going public with my Triangulation series. There is no real direct inspiration of the pyramid in the work, but you cant avoid it when you crisscross 45 degree angles. For this piece tho, I was definitely thinking of Atlantis & Bimini. Shit, I was at the tip of Florida & I was raised on In Search Of, the Bermuda Triangle was in my brain.