Charizmatik Store


Client: Zen & Fred of Charizmatik  for the flagship store “The Treehouse Endeavor”

Location: Corner of Melrose & Van Ness St., Hollywood, Calif

Medium: House paint & American Spray paint (Iron oxide bronze by Krylon).

Summer 2001


Charizmatik was an adventurous and well conceived clothing brand based in Los Angeles that disbanded a few years back. The Store was called “The Tree House Endeavor” and ran with the concept of nature and having a child like heart. The interior of the shop was practically all wood and personal items. Walls were covered with square shaped blocks of found woodworks. I based the exterior mural around the idea of roots & foundation, hence the heavy earth tones. This was my first healthy sized top to bottom piece and it ran for 5 years.


HERE is the large panoramic shot.