Mural Intervention: CIRCULATIONS in the Tenderloin, San Francisco






Circulations in the Tenderloin (Working Title),

20′ x 35′,  September 2013

Acrylic polymer and enamel spray paint on primed brick and cinderblock, original signage.

Corner of Larkin and Post in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, CA.

Progress photos: Derek Chamberlain


The Patek-Ecklon type and the crown logo are the original buildings signage painted in the mid 40’s. I wanted to make sure I respected the original signage, even though the business is defunct, it’s still a landmark ghost sign for the area.


Many thanks to Poesia, Graffuturism, Derek Chamberlain, Brock & Justin at White Walls Gallery and Michael Covington for their helping hands in this piece.




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“We’re always happy to have new street art in the neighborhood and foresee that this piece will be counted as a SF favorite for residents near and far. The compositional building blocks of Structurally Sound (on view until October 5) are expanded to cover the full side of a building wall. Soft hues work to blend the darker forms into the faded Patek-Ecklon sign, making the overall effect one of cohesive beauty. Take advantage of San Francisco’s Indian Summer and come see this mural while the weather is sunny and bright.”

  -White Walls BLOG





Great coverage of my Tenderloin district mural in SF by BrooklynStreetArt. Photos by Brock Brake.