Mural Intervention: Poesia VS Kofie; Oakland, CA



Details of ‘KOF’ by Kofie

with Poesia 

 Transcend crew

Late Summer 2011

Oakland, California

Laytex, spray paint, bitumen and a bit of acrylic on cement.



With a month notice and a wall in mind, Poseia and I set off to Oakland to work a wall together, one on one for the first time. Nothing revolutionary, nothing fancy, just 2 grown-ass men tackle a wall and doing what we do.


I happened to be in town working on a project with Will of Collabo Arts, so it was natural to have Sibel document the session through the Cannon7D and a  special tilt shift lens for time lapse.

Scot La Rockwell  also came through documenting the ladder of the day catching Poesia and I finishing off our pieces. Serious faces in these ‘action’ captures of linebackers over-tinking and analyzing details and playing with color.




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