4 Man Show: Unintended Calculations/ Vancouver BC




Unintended Calculations

 Augustine Kofie | Jerry Inscoe | Remi/Rough | Scott Sueme


Becker Galleries

Pier 32, Granville Island

Suite 210-1333 Johnson St

Vancouver, B.C.


Moda Hotel/Red Card

900 Seymor St

Vancouver B.C.



March 4-26, 2011


Curated by Indigo, Unintended Calculations brings together a group of internationally renowned artists – Augustine Kofie (LA), Jerry Inscoe (PDX), Remi/Rough (LDN) and Scott Sueme (VAN) - in an exhibition exploring four very different approaches to abstraction. Working in a variety of mediums, these artists have evolved the letterform building blocks of their shared graffiti background, deconstructing and rebuilding them as compositions of colour, line, shape and movement.


The project begins with two collaborative mural installations at Moda Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. A VIP invite-only reception will take place at Becker Galleries on March 4th. The exhibit opens to the public on March 5th followed by an afterparty at Moda Hotel’s Red Card Sports Bar.


Augustine Kofie’s signature style “Vintage Futurism” layers tightly controlled linework and complex structures against a palette of heavy distressed earth tones. His architecturally inspired paintings, collages and assemblages incorporate found imagery and objects into a crafted world of process, organization and draftsmanship.


Heavily influenced by Deconstructivist architecture, Jerry Inscoe dissects and reassembles three-dimensional space within an elegant framework of smooth lines, soaring arcs and sharp angles. Tone-on-tone colors and neutrals exist in crisp definition, often set against a background of smooth wood grain.


Best described as “antiform”, Remi/Rough’s work is the product of a skilled balance of freedom and restraint, with references to Kandinsky, Kline and the Bauhaus and Dadaist movements. The negative space in his paintings speaks volumes, juxtaposed against gestural brushstrokes, skewed lines, strong shapes and angular configurations.


Scott Sueme’s mixed-media paintings are an exploration of spontaneity and intuition; a departure from his critically structured and designed graffiti pieces. Favouring improvisation over strategy, he layers dense lines and bold colors against subtle tones and textures to create a strong, energetic sense of movement.


In recent years abstraction has been rapidly gaining momentum within the graffiti community, with many artists around the world pushing the composition and construction of letters to more conceptual levels. Collectively and individually, these

four artists showcase the wide range of techniques and aesthetics that exist within this genre, and are as intriguing in their similarities as they are in their differences.




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