Group Show: Graffuturism presents L’Avenir at Shooting Gallery

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013



Manifest Horizon, 2013

48 x 48 x 1 1/2  inches.

Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas

Finished in satin gel medium.




Central aqua system shift

23 x 30 inches 

Acrylic on 100% cotton, 300lb Arches paper.

Finished in satin varnish.  



Central olive system shift

23 x 30 inches 

Acrylic on 100% cotton, 300lb Arches paper.

Finished in satin varnish.



White Walls Gallery presents:

L’Avenir: A Graffuturism group exhibition curated by Poesia  |   December 14, 2013, 7-11 pm On View Through January 4, 2014

L’Avenir features a group of like-minded artists that flourish under the banner of Graffuturism, a term coined by artist and arts commentator Poesia, who edits and publishes an online blog under the same name,

Taking inspiration from French philosopher Jacques Derrida and his axiom The coming of the Other, L’Avenir literally translates as “the future,” and is a direct reference to the progressive and contemporary element that has influenced this intercontinental group of individuals known for creating a distinct aesthetic of their own.

The exhibition is a survey of an emerging movement and features work from Augustine Kofie (US), Borondo (Italy), Chazme (Poland), Clemens Behr (Germany), Doze Green (US), Duncan Jago (UK), Part2ism (UK), Poesia (US), Robert Proch (Poland), Sainer (Poland) and Vesod (Italy).

L’Avenir brings this group of graffiti inspired contemporary artists crashing into our visual field with an exciting celebration of the neo-contemporary Graffuturism movement.

White Walls Gallery | 886 Geary Street, San Francisco , Caifornia

+Complete info for show

+Vandalog Preview

+Brooklyn Street Art post




1XRun | Incised Series No. 3 giclée print | Edition of 75

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013




Incised Series No. 3

Edition Size: 75

15 x 15 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper

This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Kofie and 1xRUN.

This edition is sold out


[Complete info and interview can be viewed on 1XRUN]

Solo Exhibiton: Structurally Sound at White Walls SF

Saturday, September 14th, 2013




Structurally Sound, Sight specific fond object installation

2013, 4′ 6″ x 14″ x 4′, Found wood, clipboards, paper, light box & drafting table.


Beneath a structural evolution

72 x 60 x inches [2013], Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas

Finished in satin gel medium. Framed by artist in mahogany stained pine.




Reliability System

84 x 60 x inches [2013], Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas.

Finished in satin gel medium. Framed by artist in mahogany stained pine.




Different plane of existence

47 x 47 x 1 1/2  inches [2013], Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas

Finished in satin gel medium. Framed by artist in mahogany stained pine. 






Structurally Sound: New Works on paper, wood and canvas by Augustine Kofie

Opening Reception September 14, 2013

On View Through October 5, 2013


White Walls 

886 Geary St,

San Francisco, CA


White Walls is pleased to present Augustine Kofie’s Structurally Sound, as the artist’s third solo show with White Walls, directly following his sold-out exhibition in Paris.

The opening reception will be Saturday, September 14, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through October 05, 2013.



Comprised of works crafted in his Los Angeles studio from May to August, 2013, this recent collection began with a series of small notes and doodles on found paper, “a usual task in the studio,” Kofie said, “but this go around I kept the idea in mind of sound structures and systems of reliability.”


Case study-like illustrations on found file cards became the catalyst for large scale works on canvas that question if these shapes and forms can stand the weight; are they now and could they continue to be successfully reliable over time? Frequently praised for compositions that recall architectural drafting, Kofie’s new body of work was partially inspired by the idea of what would happen if these compositions could be physically constructed.


With canvases reaching up to five by six feet, Kofie has crafted work that pulls viewers into a new realm of possibility. Sharply-defined angles butt up against cylindrical forms in complex arrangements of geometric potential. A mix of neutral tints, peach and copen blue add dimension, and provide expanses of space that balance areas of dense linework.


From the artist:

I am a painter, yes. I fall under this category by default, but what I feel I do is construct and assemble. I build paintings. These pieces then go through a process of deconstruction to free the painting up to breathe, but that simplification could in turn weaken the foundation of the piece as a whole.


In this show, a mock dialogue began with the search for relationships between an engineer’s tongue and a constructivist visual response. An affinity to compartmentalizing forms represented in both an angular and horizontal fashion leads to works that are visually strong, but subconsciously touch on the idea of instability.






Installation documented on the White Walls Blog 

Progress photos on the Keepdrafting Tumblr





Group Show: De La Ligne A L’abstraction, Montreal, Quebec

Saturday, August 24th, 2013


Detail of GoldCoast Incline

65 x 48 x 1  [2013]

Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas

Finished in satin gel medium. Framed by artist in mahogany stained pine.



Detail of System shift in Sequoia reds 

22 × 30 inches (559 mm × 762 mm) Unframed [2013]

Acrylic on 300 lb Soft Press Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper.

(Two natural deckles and two cut edges). Finished in satin varnish.

Yves Laroche Galerie d’art presents:



Yves Laroche Galerie, Montréal, Quebec

September 12th - October 11th, 2013



Yves Laroche Galerie’s next show opens on September 12th. “From lines into abstraction” will showcase new works by a group of Graffiti artists from across the globe. Guest curator Patrick RESO Jungfleisch has gathered a collective of active Graff  artists whos works transcend their foundations of their respected Graffiti arts into the realms of abstraction, expressionist and modern territories.


Artists include fellow Agent Of Change, Remi Rough as well as Zoer, 123Klan, Dems333, Alex Scaner, Doc TC5, Bacon, Greg Lamarche, Reso, Pose, El Mac, Pro, Sen2, Stare, Victor Reyes, Wane, Yes2, Zek One and Cope2.



6355, Boul. Saint-Laurent

Montréal, QC, H2S 3C3


tel. : 514.393.1999



Galleries insta

Remi Rough says..


Preview photos via  Yves La Roche

Group Show: Out With The Old @ Library Street Collective, Detroit

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013



Circulation of the navy peak

36 x 36 x 1.5 inches [2013]

Acrylic and spray paint on primed duck canvas

Finished in satin gel medium


Where the action is 

24 x 24 x  1 5/8 inches [2013]

Found paper, acrylic, ball point pen, white-out , screenprint &  spray paint on wood panel.

Coated in archival matte varnish. Finished in matte gel medium. 

Framed in mahogany lattice & found yardsticks.




[I’m very pleased to participate in this well stocked group show in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan.  Thanks to a gracious invitation by Revok, this will mark my first time working with Library Street Collective. 4 recent works will be on display for the show including one canvas, one collage on wood and 2 found clipboard paintings.]



Library Street Collective Gallery:









Saturday August 3rd- October 1st, 2013

Public opening: August 3rd, 6PM - 9PM


Library Street Collective

1260 Library Street

Detroit, Michigan. USA 48226


FBook Invite

Silent Auction for Creativity Heals event fundraiser

Thursday, April 25th, 2013



Golden Growth/ Edifice Cache [2011/12]

38 3/4 x 35 1/2  x 1 3/4 inches

Acrylic, ball point pen, white-out & xerographic gel transfer on birch wood panel. 

Finished in a matte satin varnish.




Creativity Heals  |  Launch Event & Fundraiser

Saturday 4.27.13 at KESSPRO Studios

6 - 11PM


Golden Growth will be in a slilent auction the evening of April 27, 2013 in Downtown Los Angeles to benefit Creativity Heals, an LA based non-profit organization providing artistic outlets for childhood victims of complex developmental trauma and abuse. More on Creativity Heals HERE.


FBook Page


Group Show: GRAFFUTURISM | LA | December 14, 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012






The circulation of a process of elimination [2012]

47 x 65 x 2 inches 

Acrylic, enamel, white-out & enamel spray-paint on canvas.

Finished in matte satin gel medium. 

Framed in mahogany lattice


Soze Gallery presents “Graffuturism”

Curated by it’s founder Poesia [Transcend]


LA Artshare Building
801 East 4th Place,
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Featuring the works of:


2501, Aaron De La Cruz, Augustine Kofie, Boris “Delta” Tellegen, Carl Raushenbach, Carlos Mare, Clemens Behr, Derek Bruno, Doze Green, Duncan Jago, DVS 1, El Mac, Eric Haze, Erosie, Franco “Jaz” Fasoli, Futura, Gilbert 1, Greg “Sp One” Lamarche, Graphic Surgery, Hense, Hendrik “ECB” Beikirch, Jaybo Monk, Joker, Jurne, Kema, Kenor, Lek, Marco “Pho” Grassi, Matt W. Moore, Moneyless, O.Two, Part2ism, Poesia, Rae Martini, Remi Rough, Samuel Rodriguez, Sat One, Sever, Shok-1, Sowat, Steve More, West, Will Barras.





Official post on GRAFFUTURISM Including a forward by Daniel Feral’s brilliant breakdown and history of the shows inception and growth.





“Over the last year the Graffuturism blog has become a major player in the documentation of artists who share a Graffiti background/history but have taken their work to new heights, leaving the ‘rules’ of writing behind.  

This December, in collaboration with Soze Gallery, the folks at Graffuturism are hosting a large group show featuring some of the major players in the genre. Obviously, this is not showing everyone who is doing amazing work work that falls into this category, but it is a great selection. Hopefully the show will become an annual event to give opportunities to more and more artists as the blog, and the genre, continue to grow.”

                                                        -Jerry JOKER Inscoe, Fall 2012




Preview of GRAFFUTURISM LA on 12OzProphet



Group Show: Fear No Art 4 @ Fourthwall Projects | Boston, MA

Friday, November 2nd, 2012





Detail of Circulatory System No. 29

22 x 36 inches [2012]

Acrylic on 100% cotton, 

300lb Arches paper.

Finished in satin varnish.




Detail of Circulations of another fade away No. 03

23 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 2 inches  [2012]

Found paper, acrylic, ball point pen, 

pencil & xerographic transfer on wood panel.

Finished in matte varnish. Framed in mahogany 

lattice & found vintage yardsticks.


Fear No Art 4 Curated by Marka27




Slick, Simone Legno, Shane Jessup, Augustine Kofie, Kenji Nakayama, Caleb Neelon, Raul Gonzalez, Cern One, Toofly, Gigi Bio, Don Rimx, Jesse Hernandez, Sket One, Marka27, Problak. Pac23



Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 10th, 2012


On Exhibition through Dec 3rd


Fourthwall Project

132 Brookline Ave

Boston, MA 02215

The artists that curator, and prolific artist and designer Marka 27 has gathered from both coasts vary wildly: from passionate, feverish, athleticism to carefully structured graphics, these artists’ aesthetics are certainly varied, but not hard to associate. All 16 artists hint at a similar respect and nod to architecturally-influenced expression, vibrant, often-times grotesque design, and a no-holds-barred expanse of movement—all accompanied by a fierce, self-survivalist-immediacy.

While FEAR NO ART 4 is certainly not the first exhibition featuring street art, it is the first time these particular artists have been featured together on the same coast, in the same space, reacting and playing off of each other for the first time. Rather than showcase a singular artist, this exhibit is a representation of an amalgamation of cultures, identities, ideas, and personalities much like the cities that these artists use as their canvas.

The artists gathered in this collection range from legendary graffiti artists to up-and-coming graphic designers, to expressive pop-surrealist painters—but really, these labels do them a disservice. All of the artists represented in FEAR NO ART 4 are revolutionaries who use a variety of media to challenge the most complex ideals, which are, of course, wrapped in the simplest of questions: What is art? What is art if it is not for sale? What is art if it is impermanent, hidden, digital, wet, gross, or illegal? What is art if we do not call it art?



More info on Fourth Wall Project 



Group Show: Space // Form @ Breeze Block gallery, Portland OR

Thursday, September 6th, 2012





SpcFrm/ Incised No. 17 [2012] 

10 x 10 x 2.5  inches

Acrylic, pencil and incising on masonite panel.

Finished in matte varnish 

Framed in found yardstick & mahogany lattice.



Space // Form

Breeze Block Gallery

Portland OR.


Opening Reception:

Thursday, September 6th, 6-10pm



A group exhibition curated by Sven Davis


Space//Form centers around notions of the architectural landscape.  Over 100 of the most relevant young contemporary artists were each given an identical 10×10 inch panel and invited to create a work depicting their interpretation of space and form within either the constructed or the natural environment.  The exhibition will be accompanied by integral installations by Mark Dean Veca and Michael Murphy. Curator, Sven Davis, has worked in architecture for over 20 years and is the UK Director for the internationally staffed online arts magazine, Arrested Motion.


Participating artists:

Aakash Nihalani, Adam Normandin, Adam Wallacavage, Alex Lukas, Alicia Dubnyckyj, Amy Casey, Anthony Zinonos, Augustine Kofie, Ben Eine, Bill McRight, Blaine Fontana, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory, Carl Cashman, Carl Riddle. Cheryl Molnar, Chloe Early, Chris Ballantyne, Chris Scarborough, Christian Mendoza, Christopher Derek Bruno, Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Dabs Myla, Dana Brown, Dave Kinsey, David Kassan, David O’Brien, Deedee Cheriel, Doze Green, Drew Tyndall, Eric Shaw, Eric White, Erik Mark Sandberg, Francesco Igory Deiana, Frank Gonzales, Gary Taxali, Geoff McFetridge, Ghostpatrol, Greg Eason, Greg Lamarche, Hamishi, Henry Gunderson, Ian Francis, Jacob Magraw Mickelson, James Marshall (Dalek), Jason Thielke, Jeff Depner, Jeff Soto, Jim Houser, Jordin Isip, Josh Keyes, Joshua Krause, Judith Supine, Kai & Sunny, Karin Krommes, Karl de Vroomen, Katrin Fridriks, Kenji Hirata, Kevin Cyr, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kevin Peterson, Kid Acne, Kozyndan, Kris Lewis, Kristen Schiele, Lex Thomas, Logan Hicks, Lola Dupré, Louis Reith, Lucas Price, LX One, Mario Wagner, Marissa Textor, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Schoening, Mark Warren Jacques, Mark Whalen, Mars-1, Martin Wittfooth, Mary Iverson, Matt Leines, Maya Hayuk, Michael Murphy, Mike Stilkey, Moneyless, Nick Walker, Pakayla Biehn, Paul Insect, Pete Watts, Reginald S. Aloysius, Remi Rough, Rich Jacobs, Richard Colman, Ricky Allman, Rostarr, Russell Leng, Ryan Shaffer, Ryan Stewart Nault, Sage Vaughn, Saner, Seonna Hong, She One, Sidney Pink, Sinc, Slinkachu, Stephanie Buer, Sweet Toof, Teresa Duck, Tim Biskup, Tom French, Tristram Lansdowne, Wayne White, Will Barras, Winston Smith


Curatorial statement:

Space//Form explores the constructed and natural environment while also serving as a comparative exercise in how different individuals respond to a single set of prescribed criteria.  All of the participating artists were given the same commission guidelines and an identical surface material to work with.  Each unique interpretation of the brief has led to the creation of a new artwork specifically for the show.  The disciplines of art and architecture traditionally enjoy a symbiotic relationship, and the parallels run deep between the conception and realization of an architectural project and the Space//Form exhibition itself.


Thank you to our generous sponsors, Ampersand Art Supply and Black Star Beer.

Ampersand Art Supply are the leading manufacturers of archival painting panels in the United States.  Their signature museum series panels include Claybord™, Aquabord™, Gessobord™, Encausticbord™, Scratchbord™ and Pastelbord™, each featuring Ampersand’s patented Archiva-Seal™ barrier technology.  As one of the key sponsors of Space//Form , Ampersand provided a custom made panel for each of the artists to produce their own unique art piece for the show.  Ampersand’s unique surface coatings allow each artist to experiment and further their creative expression beyond what can be done on an ordinary stretched canvas.



Breeze Block Gallery

323 NW 6th Ave.


OR 972209


Phone +011 503318.6228



A progress shot on my flickr

Post show coverage: Breeze Block 

Post show coverage: Arrested Motion  

Sonny Phono Detail photos of ‘Working An Angle’ at Known Gallery, Los Angeles

Friday, June 1st, 2012






SonnyPhono shot some amazing detail shots for my Working An Angle show at Known Gallery.


Opens: May 26, 2012 | 8-11pm

Runs: May 26 - June 9, 2012


Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036



A 37 minute 4×4Tracktor Soundtrack for the show on my Mixcloud.

Teaser video on my Vimeo



White Walls Winter Group Show- Saturday, Feb 11, 2012

Thursday, February 9th, 2012




Incised Series No. 2

Triangulation of a Futurist Projection No.2


24.5 x 24.5 x 1 5/8 inches

Acrylic, pencil and incising on masonite panel.

Finished in matte varnish 

Framed in found yardstick & mahogany lattice.



Incised Series No. 5

Archetype circulation


24.5 x 24.5 x 1 5/8 inches

Acrylic, pencil and incising on masonite panel.

Finished in matte varnish 

Framed in found yardstick & mahogany lattice. 






White Walls Group Show 

Opening Reception – February 11th, 2012, 7-11 pm

On View Through March 3, 2012


White Walls is proud to present the White Walls Winter Group Show opening February 11th, 2012. White Walls is celebrating years of continued success with a showcase of artists that represent the art we have long supported and always loved. The commitment to showing incredible artists is evidenced by the lineup of talent, featuring artists that we are honored to have shown many times in the past alongside artists we are excited to see more of in the coming years! An expansive collection of work will be brought together in one space, opening Saturday from 7—11pm, February 11th.


The exhibition will be free and open to the public and will run until March 3rd, 2012.




White Walls

835 Larkin St,

San Francisco, CA



 Press Release


K Detail in Long Beach

Monday, August 8th, 2011





Kofie spellout & Detail shot

Under The Influence Crew Production

Summer 2011

Long Beach, California
Laytex, spray paint, bitumen on cement.



Still waiting on a full shot.

Theres a Peterbuilt truck that is not going anywhere.

If your wondering about the colors I was clearing out my spray paint supply and needed to clear out these plum colors.


Sketch posted on TUMBLR 

Group Show: Rudimentary Perfection in Glasgow, Scotland

Monday, June 27th, 2011



Progress shot of Circulatory System No. 4 [2011]

Acrylic, enamel spray paint, screenprint & bitumen on canvas.



Recoat Gallery Presents:

Rudimentary Perfection


Proudly showcasing recent work by:


-Duncan Jago

-Jaybo Monk

-Matt W. Moore

-Augustine Kofie




-Morten Andersen

-Mark Lyken



Recoat Gallery 

323 North Woodside Road

G20 6ND Glasgow

United Kingdom



Opening on 1st of July 2011, 7-10pm, Scotland’s Recoat Gallery will host the UK’s first comprehensive Graffuturism Exhibition titled “Rudimentary Perfection“. The exhibition pulls together an impressive group of notable international artists linked by their innovative spirit & shared graffiti heritage. The project has been heralded as one of the finest of its kind to take place anywhere in the world this year.


Each of these artists has ventured down unique paths in their post graffiti output & each offers a radical take on expressive, figurative & letter-based abstraction. These works, while differing in approach & execution retain the sense of movement, assured marks & imperfect beauty of graffiti itself.


About Recoat:

Recoat is an exhibition space in Glasgow, Scotland. We exhibit illustration, graphic art, photography, street art and graffiti, showcasing Scottish talent alongside artwork from all over the world.


Graffuturism Preview 

Gallery info here

Recoat gallery on FB

Fbook Invite

Recoat on Flickr 



[Mark Lyken is paying attention. Not only can he hold his own style wise he also has a creative space that caters to the culture with a broad stoke. I’m very excited to be apart of this progressive lineup as well as have the opportunity to show my works in the United Kingdom, let alone Scotland. Im planning on making the trip to catch up with some good mates and make some new ones. It’s sad to say that I have never been to the UK in all these years of traveling, but I’m quite looking forward to it.]





Group Show: Hall Of Fame [part 3] @ David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


Circulatory System No. 3 [2011] 

42 x 45 x 000 Inches

106.7 x 114.3 centimeters

Acrylic & enamel spray paint on canvas.






David Bloch Gallery Presents:

Hall of Fame (part 3) Summer Group show

June – August 2011



8 bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis

40000 Marrakech


Phone : +212 5 24 45 75 95




Most featured artists are from street art culture, the variety of content put forward the richness of this artistic movement in its own right with a central and recurring theme: life.


The exhibition will present new works of resident artists and you will have the opportinity to

discover the works of five newcomers artists who join the David Bloch Gallery:

- Augustine Kofie (USA)

- Dave Kinsey (USA)

- Zahlmann Heiko (Germany)

- Lek (France)

- Popay (France)


The gallery continues to assert its artistic direction through his favorite themes:

- The letter and calligraphy.

- Optical and kinetic art.

- abstraction and imaginary




More info at David Bloch Gallery 

My Artist page on David Bloch Gallery



Detail of Contribution No. 22 on display at David Bloche Gallery

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


Contribution No. 22 [2011]

30 x 50 x 000 Inches

76.2 x  127 x 000 centimeters

Acrylic on canvas.

David Bloche Gallery Presents:

Hall of Fame (part 3) Summer Group show

June – August 2011


8 bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis

40000 Marrakech







Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas at the PMCA

Saturday, May 14th, 2011



Dark Side of the Triangulations No. 1 [2010]

5 x 7 x 2 1/2

Acrylic & spray-paint on canvas.





Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas 

May 15, 2011 - September 4, 2011



PASADENA, CA - The Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) announces the first museum exhibition that joins the work created by Los Angeles graffiti artists for a fine art context with their graffiti art made in the streets. Internationally renowned as one of the most fertile grounds for graffiti art, the City of Angels has its own idiosyncratic graffiti styles created from the innovative New York “wildstyle” that heralded the birth of graffiti as it is seen today, filtered through local influences such as gang writing styles that greatly predate the modern movement. 

The artists for the exhibition have been consistently making influential public work, but their practice has expanded into work that is viewed in galleries and museums. Street Cred was first conceived in 2008 by PMCA Exhibition Manager Shirlae Cheng-Lifshin, who subsequently brought on Los Angeles graffiti historian Steve Grody as co-curator. Grody, who is the author of Graffiti LA, has been documenting high-quality work in the streets of Los Angeles since 1990. The exhibition will include his photographs from the crucial years of the graffiti scene, providing key insights into the visual “language” of graffiti, its development in Los Angeles, and the ways in which the street work informs the canvas work in the exhibition. 


Ironically, the fine art production of these artists are meant for wider audiences than their graffiti works, so the artists incorporate a more universal pictorial language than the specialized typography evident in graffiti in situ, usually readable only to other graffiti artists. Yet the artistic skill and dialogue with modernism displayed by many of these artists demonstrates that their place in the continuum of art history is well deserved. Works in the exhibition will also be grouped according to style, further underscoring both the breadth and depth of this contemporary art movement. Taken as a whole, Street Cred will show how a genre born on concrete translates into canvas, and how the two worlds interact. 


Artists featured in the exhibition include Michael Alvarez, ANGST, AXIS, Chaz Bojórquez, CODAK, CRAOLA, DASH 2000, Ekundayo, EYEONE, HASTE, Paul SKEPT Kanemitsu, Alex Kizu, KOFIE ONE, MAN ONE, MEAR ONE, Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez, Jose Lopez, Erick Montenegro, Nicnak, PUSH, RISK, Jeff Soto, Evan Skrederstu, RETNA, REVOK, SABER, SHANDU, Jesse Simon, SINER, and ZES.


Made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.



Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA)

490 E. Union Street

Pasadena CA 91101



Saturday, May 14, 2011

7:00 – 10:00 pm

$5 admission

Free for PMCA Members


About the PMCA: 

The Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) is dedicated to the exhibition of California art, architecture, and design from 1850 to the present. Informed by the state’s rich mixture of cultures and inspired by its impressive geography, California art has long been defined by a spirit of freedom and experimentation. PMCA exhibitions and educational programs explore the cultural dynamics and influences unique to California that have shaped and defined art in all media.



Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 - 5:00 pm. The Museum is closed July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day.


$7 for Adults, $5 for Seniors (65+) and Students with valid ID; free to PMCA Members and children under 12. Access for people with disabilities is provided.



The Museum is located at 490 East Union Street. From the 210 Freeway, take the Lake Avenue exit. Go south and take a right on Union Street. From the 110 Freeway/Downtown Los Angeles, follow the freeway until its end, then take Arroyo Parkway and turn right at Colorado, then left at Oakland to get to Union Street. Parking is available at the Museum.


PMCA Information: 

For information, the please call 626-568-3665



Artcihval Post


Vandalog post

Calculations are Structurally Sound No. 2

Saturday, February 12th, 2011


Calculations are Structurally Sound No. 2

20 x  64 x 2 1/2 inches

Acrylic & spray paint on canvas. Finished in gel medium.




G4’s Attack Of The Show

Friday, February 11th, 2011



Client: G4 TV/ Time Warner

Project: G4’s Attack of the Show Add Campaign backdrop

Location: Los Angeles

Medium: Latex paint, acrylic & spray paint on 8 x 8 foot wood panel



In the Fall of 2010 I was commissioned by the design crew at G4 TV to produce an original backdrop for an add campaign to promote the upcoming season of the viral video and gadget heavy G4’s Attack Of the Show. The final design incorporated my looser style and interwove iconic electronic gadgets and media related to the shows subject matter. I felt there was a great fit here + I wanted to make sure my work was organic and loose enough to not look so ‘digitally printed’ as a backdrop.


The Street campaign consisted of full size billboards as well as train and bus adds from January to March of 2011.


One of the highlights of this project was that the final piece is publicly on display in the main lobby of the E Entertainment Building on Wilshire where they film Attack Of The Show.

Set Production: Backdrop paintings for Tieso & Busta Rhymes

Monday, January 3rd, 2011




Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes - C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)


Directed by Alan Ferguson

Set Production by Phillip Boutte Jr. of Simple Complex Media

Production co: London Alley




Phillip Boutte Jr. called me in to paint eight flats at 8′ x 10′  based on illustrations that reflected the concept/direction of this particular music video shoot. Took about 2 full days to paint with assistance from Puede’Uno in a large studio south of Downtown Los Angeles. Not all of the panels ended up in the final edit, but my work is none the less prevalent in almost every shot. 



HACER Presents: DUALITY Exhibition in Downtown LA

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010



HACER Presents:





LA, CA 90012


Public Opening during Artwalk:

THURSDAY, NOV. 11, 2010 

6-9 PM


For more information on the porject & gallery hours contact:

Ashley Lund/ GH STUDIO 310-405-5285 


Exhibition Flyer

G-H Studio Statement 

Artist statement HERE 

Daily Dujour Press & Photos

Mention of DUALITY on StyleSectionLA

Known Gallery POST 



Reaching back to his roots, Hacer has invited both established and emerging graffiti artist contemporaries Retna, Kofie, Saber, Tanner, Sharktoof, Eyeone to engage in a dialogue about the duality inherent in “public” art by making their mark on the inner panels of red-orange [Hacer’s signature color] 1/8 scale, origami-inspired, abstract forms; the full scale versions of which will be publicly installed as a multi-dimensional, Richard Serra-scale wall.


Once installed, the outwardly facing red-orange panels [signifying traditional notions of public art] will stand on the flipside of their inner graffiti-covered equivalents [signifying an equal but yet-to-be embraced form of public art]; creating a legitimate place for the duality of sculpture and graffiti to co-exist .



 ”(It is necessary for artists) to create work on the most visible sides of high modern buildings, in the most artistically strategic places in working-class districts, in Union halls, in public squares, in sports stadia, in open air theaters.”  [1](Siqueiros’ 1933 A Call to the Artists of Argentina)


In the very same manner that Siqueiros madea call to artists in Argentina in 1933 to create a mural, Gerardo Hacer reachesback to his graffiti roots and calls established and emerging graffiti artiststo join him in the creation of, “Duality”.  


Duality is Hacer’s response to inquiriesinto his “ability to protect the sculpture from graffiti” from local and stategovernment organizations while trying to secure right of entry for installationof his public works.


A former graffiti artist who credits theartform for his development, he responded by inviting graffiti artist s to maketheir mark on the inner panels of one-eighth-scale, red-orange,origami-inspired, abstract forms; the full scale versions of which will bepublicly installed as a multi-dimensional, Richard Serra-scale wall.


Once installed, the outwardly facingred-orange panels [signifying traditional notions of public art] will stand onthe flipside of their inner graffiti-covered equivalents [signifying an equalbut yet-to-be embraced form of public art]; creating a legitimate place for theduality of sculpture and graffiti to co-exist .


Hacer’s choice to embrace graffiti and combine this ancient form of expression with his sculptures, an equally ancientmode, is reminiscent of the Venus of Willendorf’s (sculpture, circa22,000 B.C.E.) co-existence with the Upper Paleolithic cave paintings (theoldest form of graffiti[2]) in the Lascaux and Altamira caves. 


Isabel Rojas-Williams

Art Historian-Curator

November 2010


[1] Rochfort Desmond. Mexican Muralists. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1998, 148.


[2] Graffiti (Italian plural of graffito/graffio, scratch or scribble), derived from “graph” is based onthe Greek graphein, or “to write,”[2]hence Graffiti’s scratching on walls is not much different from ancientwritings on the walls of sepulchers in the catacombs of Rome or at Pompeii.Graffiti. 








Interview: Feature story in Juxtapoz Issue #117

Monday, October 18th, 2010


JUXTAPOZ Art & Culture Magazine

Issue #117


A true highlight in my art career is this Jux interview for the October 2010 Issue of the famed art & culture magazine. El Mac provided the questions & UK based artist Pete Stern the profile photo.



DU MUR A L’ATELIER Group Show @ Addict Gallery. Paris, France

Saturday, October 16th, 2010



[ Circulations Progress To The North West & The Circulations of An Olive File Format will be on display the month of October along with a few other works for the L’ART URBAIN group show at Addict Gallery in Paris, France. It will be an honor to have work in the same building as Herakut, NYC Graffiti legend Lady Pink and my friends Jaybo & PHO. Unfortunetly I will not be able to attend the opening on October 16 due to prior engagements.]




Addict Gallery Presents: L’ART URBAIN Group Show |  Paris,  France



Opening on Saturday the 16th, October 2010  18:00 - 21:00

Exhibition from October 16th to December 4th 2010

Tuesday - Saturday  11:00 - 19:00


Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Dan Baldwin, Eelus, Gérard Zlotykamien, Herakut, Imminent Disaster, Jazi, Jaybo, Jean Faucheur, John Fekner et Don Leicht, Augustine Kofie, Lady Pink, L’ATLAS, Marco Pho Grassi, Nick Walker, Thomas Fiebig, TRYONE, Victor Ash, 108 & 36recyclab.




Solo Show | White Walls SF | Retrofitted & Other Forms of Vintage Futurism

Saturday, October 9th, 2010






White Walls is pleased to present Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist, Augustine Kofie.


The artist examines the dynamics that emerge when new elements or techniques are built upon existing material. The exhibition will include a series of wood triangle collages, medium-sized assemblages on wood, acrylic paintings and an installation. The opening reception for Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism, will be held at White Walls on Saturday, October 09, 2010 from 7-11 pm. The exhibit will be on display through November 06, 2010 and is free and open to the public.


With a deep interest in process and structure, Augustine Kofie creates works of intense detail centered around the order of balance. The precision of Kofie’s “drafted” art is strongly inspired by modern architecture as well as the form and shape of typography.  In his quest for balance, Kofie harmonizes opposing and contradictory dynamics in his work by setting futuristic compositions against vintage earth-toned palettes, and creating organically complex formations through meticulously structured line-work and layering.  Active in the Los Angeles graffiti scene since the mid-nineties, the artist’s work reflects his ever growing influence of street culture, the craft of deconstructing lettering, contemporary music as well as 1960’s-70’s iconography.


Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism, Kofie’s debut solo exhibition with White Walls, continues his exploration of the process of organization, deconstruction and form while adhering to a controlled and tuned uniformity.  In this collection the artist poses a broader range of color set against his signature earth-toned palette.  The works conveys a ”push and pull” movement through the composition of the shapes and through the enhancement of classic or found material treated with newer counterparts.  The works for the exhibition are comprised of acrylic and spray paint on canvas, found paper and mixed media on wood, and found-wood sculptures and installations.


Kofie is a self-taught artist living and working in Los Angeles.  He has shown extensively  worldwide with highlighted shows in California, New York, Basel Miami, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The artist has been featured in Juxtapoz, The Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Project Room and Studio Voice.


Press/ Observations:


My FLICKR Set dedicated to the show



Arrested Motion Studio Visit/ Preview 

Nice write up in SF Weekly

Official White Walls BLOG post

The Citrus Report’s post


Exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ for Hi-Fructose 

The Huffing Post

Scott La Rock/FLICKR


Arrested Motion 

SF Weekly 

White Walls BLOG

The Citrus Report





The Engine + FYF Festival +Live Art

Sunday, September 5th, 2010


Burk Roberts, an independent film maker and creator of The Engine invited me down to have our second go around with a live art/ video projection/ shadow art project during the FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles in early September.


The idea came from us wanting to collaborate in a way that incorporated the Engine screen and my work. The end result is replaceable 4 x 8 foot plexi glass sheets mounted to a scaffold placed between the Engine and a digital projector. I then paint my designs in white onto the plexi and it shows at a shadow onto the Engine screen, but the white paint on the plexi still captures the colorful, visual collage that is projected. It’s a strange trip to see it develop live in a freestyle form.

Blind Enamel Spray

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010



Blind Enamel Spray [2010]

21 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches

Acrylic ink, gel transfer and letraset type on birch.

Finished in matte satin gel medium + Found frame.



Berlin, Germany | Project Room with El Mac

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


During a recent trip to East Berlin, Germany I was invited by fellow artist Jaybo Monk to paint live at The ProjectRoom, an ever changing venue that supports art, then donates the work to worthy charities. Past live artists include Remi Rough Marco PHO Grassi to name a few


El Mac and I were already in Basel, Switzerland for the Art Basel and since he had some time to kill before his trip to Dublin he came up with me to Berlin. Our primary goal was to lock down an exterior wall to leave a permanent and visible mural on. That was a bit more difficult a job then expected due to many unexpected roadblocks, but we didn’t manage to find a wall in the same location as ProjectRoom|Berlin.



Timid of Agents of Change documented teh whole session in both still as well as the video below.


Many thanks to out hosts and new friends we made along the way…


ProjectRoom/ Facebook

Agents of Change on Vimeo

Vox Humana: Volta6/ Switzerland “Zirkulation eines Anti-Horizontes”

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Zirkulation eines Anti-Horizontes [2001]

(Circulations of an Anti-Horizontal)

11.5′ x 11.5′ x 2″

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 

Painted live during the Volta6 Art Fair in June of 2010 for LA Art Machine & Rivera & Rivera Gallery

Basel, Switzerland.


Flicker Photos HERE


Triangulation of a bright, westerly transition, 2010

Friday, May 28th, 2010


Triangulation of a bright, westerly transition


5 feet x 5 feet  x 2 1/2 inches 2010

Acrylic & spray paint on primered stretched canvas. Finished in gel medium.

Produced in April of 2010.


On display this summer in Amsterdam & Switzerland:

In conjunction with Williem Kerseboom Gallery & The LA Art Machine


Art Amsterdam   May 26-30, 2010

RAI Exhibition Center, Amsterdam


Scope Art Fair June 15-19 2010

Kaserne BaselKlybeckstr. 1bCH - 4057 Basel, Switzerland


Commission: A sluggish move upwards 2010

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010


A sluggish move upwards

36 x 60 x 1 1/2 inches [2′ x 2′ x 1 1/2″] 

Acrylic & spray paint on primered stretched canvas. Finished in gel medium.

Temple Studios. Los Angeles. April 2010


Commissioned by:  Grotesque 

Mediator: Haste CBS*DCT




Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Mear One & Mid-City Arts In Association W/ The L.A. Art Machine Presents:



An Art Exhibit & Installation


Asylm + Atlas + Cache + Eye One + Kofie + Mear + Siner + Vyal

Curated By: MEAR ONE





Sponsored By 33third Los Angeles


Saturday May 15, 2010



Mid-City Arts Gallery

5113 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90019

(310) 694-3460

Open 7 Days A Week




Triangulation of the Golden North East [2009]

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


Triangulation of the Golden North East [2009]

14 1/8 x 14 3/8 x 1 1/8 inches

House paint, acrylic, pencil. ball point pen, acrylic ink, gel transfer

and found tacks on wood panel. Finished in matte gel.

Framed/edged in found yardsticks and used paint sticks.


Sold, courtesy of White Walls Gallery, San Francisco.



Triangulation of the Golden North East was one of 4 pieces I created a few months after my Vintage Futurism solo exhibition at Zero1 Gallery back in Spring of 2009. Still spinning from how successful the show was, I was a bit nervous to jump back into creating again. Im never like that. The above piece was inspired by a set of clay board based mixed media paintings of the same size and process.  Starting with a thick flat house paint/ gesso base, then sanding down to a smooth surface. Then I would roughly sketch in with colored pencil and light washes till I built up a color foundation, then incorporate transfers of textures, images and the like.


Melbourne, Australia: Northcote District Burner

Monday, April 26th, 2010



On an April 2010 trip to Melbourne I had the opportunity to paint a wall in the Northcote District of Victoria. It was a long, wide wall that could manage 5 burners and one character this time around. Special thanks to Dabs & Myla & the SDM Crew for the Invitation and good times.


Full Size Piece HERE

Detail Here + Here + Here + Here

Full Panoramic of the entire wall  Here



Melbourne, Australia: Super Special Mural

Sunday, April 25th, 2010


Belton spray paint, house paint & acrylic on primed interior cinder block

3 hours

Commissioned by Ben & Shelley of Super Special

Curated by Eddie of T-World

April, 2010



I extended my stay in Melbourne, Victoria to take care of some commission projects set up while I was in town. One of these was for a light mural in the Super Special Warehouse, a high quality screen printing facility in the Spotswood district of Melbourne. Ben and Shelley were more then accommodating and stayed a bit overtime on a monday evening for me to knock out this Circulation style Piece.




Manual Arts High School Mural #002

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Manual Arts High School

Imported Spray paint & house paint on stucco plaster.

Commissioned by M. Ayala



My second contribution to the ever growing mural project/ beautification series at Manual Arts Senior High School in South Central Los Angeles. I went with the school color on this one in a Soft Block style with a bit of Triangulation thrown in.

I started at 4th period and finished an hour after school ended.


There was a scheduled paint out on a Saturday but I had to come in on friday to work on my piece. Ended up in the middle of school painting this weird burner. Majority of the kids were real curious and respectful, watching patiently during lunch period and those few minuets between classes. I was all up in the headphones so I wasnt as social this time around.


Midzt painted + Skypage painted + Asylm painted + The Humanzee painted + The Lovely Brook Reidt painted +


Here was my first piece inside the school

Detail of the piece on Flicker


Echo Park Triangulations

Friday, February 12th, 2010


‘Echo Park Triangulation’

Imported spray paint, acrylic and house paint on fiberglass & plaster.

Echo park Blvd. North of Sunset Blvd.

February 2010



San Francisco/ White Walls Gallery Install

Monday, February 8th, 2010


Art arrangement and Mural Install.

South/East corner of Gallery.


Never A Dull Moment Group Show

White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, Calif 


When I first saw the flicker pictures for the newly installed wood panels in the gallery, I knew what I was going to do for the install. That was to basically do what I do to natural wood already, age it down.

Oxidized red, black acrylic washes, house paint, gold and black spray paint, fine tip enamel markers and a bit of brush was all I used to treat the wood. Took about half a day to build my install + spread the mural above the front entrance to meat up with Remy Rough’s section.

I would have had better shots, connections and all, but I was using the only camera I had on deck, a 4 year old Olympus Stylus that isn’t working up to par.


Files Just Released from Ampex & Infastructure In Development, 2010

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


Files Just Released from Ampex [2009]

24 x 24 x 1 5/8 inches

Pencil, acrylic ink, gel transfer and letraset type on masonite.

Finished in matte satin gel medium.

[Built and drafted at my Temple studio. December 2009]



Infastructure In Development [2009]

24 x 24 x 1 5/8 inches

Pencil, acrylic ink, gel transfer and letraset type on masonite.

Finished in matte satin gel medium.

[Built and drafted at my Temple studio. December 2009]


Two greyscale pieces that were on display at White Walls Gallery during the NEVER A DULL MOMENT Group Show.


A series of xerographic l transfered images of office/workspace/industrial like themes intermingled with my structurally bent line work and washes. I was working on a light weight masonite like sheet of wood and priming  them with layers of geso, basically making my own clay-boards.


Contribution No. 19 @ White Walls Gallery SF

Friday, January 29th, 2010



Contribution #19/ Heart of the City [2009/2010]

Acrylic & spray paint on primed cotton duck canvas.

Finished in matte satin gel medium.

50 x 49.5 x 1.5 inches

[Re-painted and stretched in the Temple studio. January 2010]


Originally this was painted back in september of 2009 for my Portland show. It never felt like it was finished tho. Finally revamped the old girl and brought out it’s true character this past week. Strengthened some line work, pulled forward tome angles and aged it all down a touch. This piece will be on display during the ‘NEVER A DULL MOMENT Show at White Walls gallery in SF the month of February.


The Triangulation’s of the Letter K

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


The Triangulation’s of the Letter K [2009]

54 1/2 x 54 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches

Spray paint and acrylic on primed duck canvas.

Finished in matte gel medium.

[First painted in Los Feliz garage workspace, then completed at Echo Park studio. Stretched in Baldwin Park. January 2009]


This piece was definitely one of the highlights to my Vintage Futurism show at Zero1 in 2009. The positive feedback was to the point of nervousness for me. Nervousness in that I wouldn’t be able to repeat the energy and movement of a work like this. Most of my stretched canvas paintings do bear an obvious familiarity, but ‘Letter K’ stood out. 


Since the closing of the show there had been some interest in the piece, but I selfishly held back on letting it go just yet. I still wanted to take a look at it from time to time. Pulling back the heavyweight plastic it was wrapped in and study, reexamine and ponder on a particular time in my life. A time when I knew I had a golden opportunity to Contribute and represent my works as a whole.


VOX HUMANA: Final Piece

Friday, January 22nd, 2010



The Circulations of a Formal Convention [2010]

Acrylic on Lucius Hudson canvas.

Finished in Matte Gel Medium.

138 x 138 x 2.5 inches


[Painted live at the Vox Humana Exhibition during LA Art Show 2010 at The Los Angeles Convention Center. Curated by Bryson Strauss of The LA Art Machine.]



La Times   

Known Gallery 






“O’ Mighty Homer” With Jim Mahfood for The Simpsons 20th

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


Jim Mahfood AKA Food One and I were asked to reproduce a mural we had painted for a Simpsons show at the Meltdown Gallery in Hollywood, California a number for years back. The piece would be made in high quality prints to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons.

I personally worked on the aura around homer, the bright colors surrounding him as well as and a number of the original cast of iconic characters.

This  was a blast to work on and I’m honored to have been asked to donate my talents for such an amazing franchise. 


HERE is the link to the collectors prints.


[Side Note]

This piece was actually painted earlier this year, just about the time I realized my camera had a time lapse feature, so unfortunately I didn’t realize how long the battery would last, hence the short video below.


Dublab Studios interior Mural, Los Angeles

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

kd-dublabstudio.jpgI was blessed to paint on one of the DUBLAB recording studio walls in the early summer of 2009. I knew that a desk, computer and mixing board were going to be posted in my particular wall, so I worked out a design that I felt was according. Dusted ochras, burnt siennas, oxidized browns and ivory’s were me choice of color here.Dublab is turning 10 this year, and to celebrate here is the list of events for October in Los Angeles.

Illustration: The Pharcyde for Delicious Vinyl

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009



Client: Delicious Vinyl  

Project: CD Artwork for The Pharcyde: The Bobby Evans Mix


Back in 2008, Rick Ross of Delicious Vinyl commissioned me to create an illustration of The Pharcyde for a Bobby Evans Mix-tape. I was lucky enough to reference an old Adidas press photo of the group that has never really seen the light of day. It was perfect, especially since it was an image that represented them during their younger days. It was an honor to work with Delicious Vinyl on even a smaller project such as this. It was a nice turn of events for me personally, especially since I was raised on the Pharcyde and was very much inspired by Slicks ’ original & progressive cover art for the Bizarre Ride Album.

Threshold + Black/White Group Show + Ronin Gallery

Saturday, August 1st, 2009


Threshold [2009]

12 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 1 5/8 inches

Acrylic, gel transfer, ball point pen, letterset type and found tacks on wood panel.

Finished in gel medium. Framed in mahogany stained lattice.



Light Mural for Gacha’s studio

Saturday, July 11th, 2009



Gachas was my writing partner in West LA since before The Private Sektor put me down in 1993. He painted his letters and I would do the character next to them. I first met and became good friends with his younger brother Treo, which later became Cuba. His parents house was a second home for me back then. the skate ramp we built in the backyard later turned into a piecing wall to practice on.

Gacha recently picked up a lil apartment in Hollywood and asked me to liven up the walls before he furnishes it. He works in the music industry now and happens to manage DJ and Producer A Poet Name Life, who is on tour with the Black Eyed Peas as a DJ for their Summer tour schedule.


2Man Show | Metallum: Kofie & Codak @ Ronin Gallery

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009




The Ronin Gallery is proud to present:  METALLUM An Exhibition of Architectural Patterns on Found Metal

From artists: Kofie and Codak.  Curated by Zury Ponce 


June 5 to June 25, 2009


In the summer of 2007 a small, independent Japanese run print shop neighboring Kofie’s studio in Boyle Heights, California quietly closed its doors after 50 years of service. The owners were distributing everything they had acquired and were preparing for a long overdue retirement. The studio was full of unused paper, packaging materials, graphic design office supplies and a ton of old offset type drawers lined the dusty old shop. The owners were surprised anyone would be interested in what they felt were useless materials, but recognized Kofie’s sincerity in helping to ‘lighten their load’. So he called a handful of artists that would benefit from this beautiful opportunity, Codak was one of them.

With an instant and immediate stockpile of materials to work with, ideas started to stir. The two creators were consistently brainstorming with ideas of exhibiting their work, and with the incorporation of these metal set type drawers a theme came pretty obvious.


Ronin, ambitious new gallery in Echo Park is honored to have Kofie and Codak exhibit their long awaited workmanship. Along with the display of original art there will be limited print collaboration and artist merchandise.

*Download the free 4×4Tracktor METALLUM MIX here*


The Ronin Gallery  

1924 Echo Park Ave

Los Angeles CA 90026



[I will be showcasing all new works applied with Enamel paints (1-shot,

Rustoleum as well as various enamels recovered from garages), discontinued spray

paint and water based screen prints applied to found metal signs, found shelving & offset type drawers. I will also be showcasing over 40 found hand painted file boxes in various sizes and colors]

METALLUM | Mural Installation & Gallery Walkthrough from Augustine Kofie on Vimeo.

Group Show: Climb In The Back Window/ Philly: Documented

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


Climb In The Back Widow + A group show Curated by iO Wright

Shadow’s Space and Kung Fu Necktie

1248-50 N. Front St Philadelphia, PA


Features the work of

Anthony Lister + Cheryl Dunn + Ricky Powell + Skullphone + Ale Zuek + iO Wright

Curtis Kulig + Luiza Sa (of CSS renown) + Augustine Kofie + Erik Otto + Various and Gould






Revisited Coltrane Painting for Flying Lotus

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


I initially painted this Alice Coltrane piece live in 2004 at a MALATHION event. A Ladybug Mecca Release Party, if I remember correctly. I was never quite pleased with the overall outcome of the one.  It needed some adjustments that I just didn’t know quite how to execute at the time. Recently I rediscovered the painting rolled up in my garage during a pre-spring cleaning run,  I immediately tacked it to the wall and prepared to update her. Now I was satisfied. I had to make the call to The Gaslamp Killer to let him know I needed to pass this one along to Flying Lotus for his personal collection. First, because he is her Nephew, secondly because I wouldn’t feel quite right making a profit by selling it. The piece is now in FlyLo’s possession and in safe hands.

Backdrop for AMEISH Video: Save Ourselves

Saturday, March 21st, 2009


Client: Cory Shaw of Buildestroy/Secret History

Project: Ameish Video Backdrop for ‘Save Ourselves’

Location: Wilshire District/ Korea Town, Los Angeles.

Fall of 08


The hard working folks at BUILDESTROY Secret History brought me on to paint an original backdrop for a young artist named Ameish. The backdrop was for his first video shoot for a song entitled ‘Save Ourselves’. The acrylic piece requested was a style I had painted before, loosely inspired by Native Indian Art of the Northwest and my own organic/ teck like brushwork. The overall piece worked great as the backdrop for the chorus and brought a whole other style to the overall video.

MICROSOFT ‘Softwear’ Launch Party, NYC

Friday, March 20th, 2009

kd-redumbrella09.jpgIn January I was commissioned by my friends at The Red Umbrella Group to create a painting for the MICROSOFT ‘Softwear’ T-shirt launch Featuring COMMON and Biz Markie. Above are the pre party photos of the back-lit painting which was an acrylic on canvas.  Here are some event photos from Freshness.

Contribution#13 / Commission

Monday, March 9th, 2009


Contribution 13 [2009]

4′ x 6′ x 2″

Acrylic on primed duck canvas.


A commission piece for one of my collector in Minnesota. I seemed to have stepped away from this painting style for a short stint. Primarily tend to go this direction for live art events. The flow of colors and lines play well as a performance art. I also found this to be a great opportunity to try out my time-lapse option on my new Cannon Powershot, and it worked like a charm.


Heather McGrath y Kofie: Exploration#3

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


Spray paint & Acrylic on Brick

Echo Park, Calif.



My good friend Heather McGrath was in town from Boston for a few short days. While I was working on a lil project in a secret Echo Park location, Heather captured this shot of a freestyle in the rear of the space. A quick legal with 1 can of Sabotaz paint and a lil dirty grey water leftover from the job. Her eye for light and framing is very much on point. Here is more of her beautifully captured moments.

Scoripo/ Self Portrait | Installation 5 @ Art Basel, Miami

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

kd-scionkofself.jpg My ‘Self Portrait’ piece for Scion’s Installation 5 will be on display at the Raleigh Penthouse for Art Basel in Miami, Florida. I will also be in attandence, finally.

Isaac Hayes Portrait

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

kd-isaachayessunsetjunction08.jpgI was invited to paint live with the I&I Sound System at this years 28th Annual Sunset Junction Street Festival in Silverlake, CA. Since Isaac Hayes’ untimely passing and since he was scheduled to perform this year, I felt it was my obligation to paint a portrait of the ‘Black Moses’ live. 

2008: Ebisu Minami, Japan

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

kd-vantan.jpgI was invited to paint & discuss my work for the 40+ graphic design students of Vantan School in Ebisu Minami, Tokyo.  I painted & answered questions for about 2 hours. At the end of the event the faculty blessed me with a beautiful navy apron that read “only the highest of quality” in Kanji. The school kept the piece to display in it’s hallways. All of the students took to me very well & were very appreciative I could be there and share. Many thanks to Maru of Colors International with whom this would not have been possible.

El Producto

Friday, May 16th, 2008

kdel-alarmcap.jpg2002. When El-P was in LA, promoting his now-classic solo debut, Fantastic Damage; I was customizing caps by, well… the truckload. Making one for El made sense, so I did; then presented it to him after his set at Amoeba Hollywood. He seemed humbled and in that moment a seed germinated. The following night, at Wilshire’s historic El Rey Theatre, that seed flowered as El-P halted his performance 3/4 of the way through. He grabbed the cap, set it on his dome like a crown, gave a shout-out to yours truly (and the rest of the cheering Los Angeles crowd) then proceeded to rip through the last quarter of the show. I wasn’t looking for anything, so that something was way more than I expected. Many thanks and much respect to El and his fellow Def Jukies. More from El-p on Bastards Delight.

1970’s Metal File Boxes Collection

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

kd-toolboxes.jpg2005-2008. 1shot Enamel paint on found metal file box. These strange file boxes have been finding their way to me for some time now via my weekly romps through Los Angeles yard sales. Over 20+ are stacked upon each other at my garage, I’ve been pushing them off to friends and to those who make it down to the garage. The first real public viewing of the boxes was at my SURU Installation in Los Angeles. The second was at the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. An exhibition of metal based works is planned for the Summer of 2009 in Highland Park.

No. 36/ Highland y Melrose Softblockade

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


No. 36/ Highland y Melrose Softblockade [2008] 

Acrylic, house paint & imported spray paint onprimed wood.

The Lee Estate. Los Angeles, CA

Roy Ayers, Fela Kuti & Tony Allen

Saturday, March 29th, 2008



Roy Ayers, Tony Allen & Fela Kuti

Acrylic on chipboard.


In the collection of Frank Sosa 

Photo by Ani


Had the honor of painting 3 live portraits for Roy AyersTony Allen &  Fela Kuti at The Crash Mansion in Downtown Los Angeles. The better the music, the more live I get in the painting, and this one was no exception. One of the livest sets i’ve painted to. Many thank to KCRW, Soul People LA & especially ArtDontSleep for the invite.


E11even Vargas

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

elleven07.jpg2007. Watercolor on paper. A gift for my good friends daughter’s  7th B-day. It was a lovely Bday party in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

Simpsons Mural With Jim Mahfood

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

foodkofsimp07.jpg 2007. Acrylic & House paint. Melt Gallery. Hollywood, CAJim Mahfood invited me to contribute to this mural for the opening of The DIY QEE Project: Bart Simpson. The showcase featured over 75 custom 10″ Bart Simpson Quees. Didn’t have a Bart Quee in the show, but Food & I rocked the walls out & got Paparazzied with  Matt Groening.

Contribution No. 10 | Painted live in Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007


Contribution No. 10 [2006]

Acrylic Ink on 2 found wood panel/ Diptych. Finished in aged Lacquer.


Painted live @ an event in Southern California. I can only paint like this live, cant do it in the studio. I’ts a combination of the idea of people watching a performance as well as the fact i can get looser in an open space. Sold to a collector in New York, which saved my ass at the time.

2007: Kichijouji Prefecture, Japan

Monday, June 25th, 2007
jp07.jpgcontribution_9jp.jpg 2007.  Acrylic on canvas. Contribution #9. Painted live Outside The Parco Store in the town of Musashino, in the Kichijyoji Prefecture. Invited to paint to commemorate the opening of my friends Camo Store. The piece is on display @ the 6875 Office in Kaigan, Minato-ku. 

2007: Yoyogi-Uehara, Japan

Sunday, June 24th, 2007


Cream Of Her Profile [2007]

Watercolor Acrylic on Canvas

2 1/2′ x 2″ x 5 ‘



During my 2007 visit I was commissioned by Win & Kim of LOL Salon to paint a piece for their savvy retro Unisex Hair Salon in Yoyogi-Uehara located in the Shibuya Ward. This was a last minute project that came about while the word spread I was in town that ended up being one of everyones favorite. What made it even more special was that I painted the piece in the salon for the employees and select friends and clients. They straight closed up shop for the day to watch it go down. The canvas & the area was already masked & prepped for me, very on point. Afterwards, a feast of  Sashim to celebrate.

Live Art: Parco Gallery. Shibuya, Japan

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007


Contribution No. 8 [2007]

Acrylic on canvas. Painted live at Shibuya Parco Gallery.

Tokyo Japan.


Invited to paint to celebrate the opening of my friends Camo Store. It was a saturday during holiday, so it was more packed that usual. On top of that Maroon 5 were aound the corner signing autographs at Parco Radio. My man Sebastian Angle Killed the filming which you can watch below. The piece is on display @ the 6875 Office in Kaigan, Minato-ku.

2006: Shinkawa Cho-Ku, Japan

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

shinkawkoffice06.jpgThe second project from my July 2006 trip in Tokyo, Japan. On this day I was commissioned to paint a ‘Contribution’ style piece for a customer in the Ubiquily office of Shinkawa. Shinkawa is the business district of Tokyo & my distributer has been established here for a number of years. In the background is a piece I painted live a few years previous @ a Stones Throw event in Shibuya. 

Illustration: Scion Presents: Connie Price & The Keystones VS BDK 12″

Monday, January 1st, 2007



Watercolor Illustration on paper

Layout by Jeff Madrid of TRSR|HNT



Producer, writer, arranger & guitarist Dan Ubick of Connie Price & The Keystones/The Lions Commissioned me to rock the layout for this Scion Promotional release featuring Big Daddy Kane and Percee P.

TRSR|HNT on the layout, text  and fine tuning.



Target: Revolution Short film by Tronic

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

tronic06.jpg2006. Tronic is a well established NYC based Multimedia studio.  Scrawl Collective artist Mr. Jago & myself were commissioned by Tronic to paint 2 identical 8 x 8 x 8 white cubes for Target. The short film was never aired on public television, but projected on 8 jumbo LED screens that move across the faced of a building at Victory Park in Dallas, Texas. The actual painting was executed on an abandoned airplane runway near Coney Island, NY in the fall of 2006 from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. Yes, I came home with the worst case of bronchitis. Tronic_Revolutions

Contribution No. 6

Sunday, August 20th, 2006




Contribution No. 6 [2006]

3 x 5 ft

Acrylic on stretched canvas.


Painted live during The SIA tradeshow’s ‘The Yard’ Area. Live Art was auctioned off for the Boarding for Breast Cancer Silent Auction.


Comissioned by Frank 151.

NBC: The Singles Table commission

Friday, August 4th, 2006


Single Table commission [2006]

4 x 12 ft

Acrylic on masonite


I was commissioned by Set Designer Charisse Cardenas to create a painting for an NBC pilot entitledThe Singles Table’ staring Alicia Silverstone. The piece is displayed in the living room of a teck geek/aspiring DJ in NYC. Last i heard the show was drooped, but they did film about 6 episodes so there is sill a possibility of it airing. If so, this was planed for a thursday Prime Time slot. 

Solo Exhibition: Electric Avenue @ BENT, Pasadena

Friday, July 28th, 2006



BENT Gallery presents:


Electric Avenue: Recent mix media works by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Draftsmen, Kofie’One


Summer 2006

Pasadena, California

2006: Kyusjhu. Fukuoka Prefecture, JP

Sunday, June 11th, 2006




 Fukuoka is the third-largest island of Japan & most Southwesterly of its four main islands. I was commissioned by Mr Fuji to paint his boutique in the Fukuoka Prefecture called Past-Present-Future. Went with the red-black-grey color pallet to match the decor of the store.


This was another ‘dead of summer’ Japan trip, so the humidity was on blast as usual. Island humidity tends to elongate the painting process, but I was in no hurry. Fukuoka was hit with a pretty heavy Quake the previous year & the damage was still very visible.

Contribution No. 5

Saturday, June 10th, 2006


Contribution No. 5

Acrylic on assemblaged wood panel.



The Contribution Series was a live paintings project for various events. This piece was painted live in Las Vegas during the MAGIC fashion Tradeshow over a two day period.

Thank you to Label Network for the Commission.

Talib Kweli’s ‘Listen’ Video/ Illustrations and performance

Monday, May 1st, 2006


 Original linear and portrait Illustrations & Live Painting. 

Commissioned by Syndrome Studio


Solo show: Hands On at Transport gallery, Los Angeles

Saturday, February 4th, 2006


Solo Exhibition

Hands On

New works in Black, White & Grey

February - March 2006

Transport Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Currated by  Michael Russek



This was my first solo show in some time & I knew I wanted to go simple, but big. Over 25 new works were on display as well as a few light murals of Hands & my shapes. Kutmah & Coleman played very select instrumental beats & Jazz sets while over 200 people made their way in and out of the gallery. One wall installation consisted of over 40 indevidually screen printed Colby posters printed just for the event. 

San Francisco/ Fifty24SF Show

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

5024sf1.jpgfifty24sfcola.jpgfifty24sf2more.jpgfifty24sf3pieces.jpg  2005. ‘Kofie’one & Craola Simkins: New Works’ A 2 Man Show. Fifty24SF GallerySan Francisco, CA. This was a fun show for craola and myself. We also painted the side of the gallery as well as the Amoeba on Haight while we were in town.

Gravillis Mural

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

gravillis05.jpg2005. Keith Tamashiro of SOAP Design recommended me when Gravillis Inc. were looking to bring a lil something to their creative space. Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, Gravillis is a commercial print campaign house catering to the entertainment industry. Some of your favorite packaging designs just might of came out of there. the walls were already orange when i began, so prep was nothing. Everyone bugs out on this one still.

2005: Aoyama, Japan

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

satoshi05.jpg 2005Acrylic & water based spraypaint on canvas. 6875 VS Kofie.  During this annual trip to Tokyo my friend Satoshi of 6875  invited me to paint live at his stores opening party in Aoyama @ Cafe La Boheme. Right after I completed this piece Maxi Priest performed a short set. Savvy. 

Dakianyama, JP: Stussy & Frank 151

Sunday, December 5th, 2004



Double booked this night. First off, live art @ the Back Channel Store. The Piece was auctioned off the a lucky ticket holder. 


Next was the Stussy & ALIFE party for the Frank 151’s Wu-tang issue @ Club UNIT. Painted Ol Dirty Bastard in a room between the stage & the entrance for the event. This club was super packed and the crew at Stussy took really good care of me. At one point U-God made it through, approved of the piece and sign the corner.

Wu-Tang forever.

Hokkaido, Japan 2004/ Corin Store Installations

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004



Acrylic & spray paint on drywall & plaster

Hokkaido, Japan

Commissioned installations

Summer 2004


 Hokkaido is the most northern island of Japan. I was commissioned to paint an interior & exterior piece for the store CORIN in the port city of Kushiro, which was not open just yet. The request for the interior was a little of everything from me including Technology, Waves and a portrait of musician Jackie Mittoo. The outside was for me to do as I wished. I had a great time in Hokkaido and was shown much love by the crew. Fresh crisp air, super green nature & a major port side industrial district smashed with rust, a place where nature meets urban in my favorite way.


The Video below was made using my friend Yoshi’s wifes old camcorder from the early 90’s, than edited by my friend Scott Dygert.



2004: Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004


was invited to the small, traditional town of Gunma in Kiryu City to paint an interior mural for a boutique thatt supported Draftsmen called Hot Joint. It’s about 60 miles outside of Tokyo & it’s architecture hasn’t changed much. Sound Eater was a modest record store just around the corner from Hot Joint which is the painted roll up gate, a last minute adition to the project.  

Hendrix Mural, Malibu CA

Friday, July 5th, 2002


Hendrix in blue [2002]

Acrylic and spraypaint on primed surface.

One World Access office, Malibu, CA.


Commissioned by Masa of One World Access. One world has been helping me with Draftsmen since the beginning. Masa requested a large Hendrix Mural in their front office wall which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I felt the Blue would compliment the sea

2002: Odawara, Japan

Thursday, April 11th, 2002


 Flow Clothing Store. Odawara, Japan. 

This was my first gig on my second work trip to Japan. The crew at Flow Clothing all listen to classic American Funk & Soul music, so the request for the mural was Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Sly, Hendrix & George Clinton. The shop was clean, long & pretty narrow so my photos are what they are. That’s Odawara Donjon by the way on the top. The first Odawara Castle was built around 1200 AD. Since then, it had been destroyed & rebuilt several times. The Present day castle is a reconstruction built in 1959 based on the original design. Inside are displayed suits of Japanese armor, tools, weapons and the model from which this reconstruction is based. Inspiration. So savvy.